Kunjammini’s Hospital Release Date Ott Platform: Where To Watch Free?

The Kunjamminis Hospital OTT release date and OTT platforms will be discussed in this section of the article. We are aware of your great anticipation for this amazing OTT film. Fans are asking many questions about Kunjamminis Hospital OTT like: Who is the main lead role in this movie? On which OTT platform this movie is available? When will this movie be released? Is this an action movie or a new story? and many more. So now you should be very carefree and get answers to all your questions in this article of ours today. We hope that you will like this article of ours very much because we have worked so hard for you to collect all the information about this film, so let’s start the article without any delay.

Kunjamminis Hospital ott

Kunjammini’s Hospital Release Date

First of all, let’s talk about the movie, you all know the name of the movie Kunjamminis Hospital, listening to the name it is known that it is a Malayalam movie. This movie has been directed by the well-known director of Malayalam, Sanal Devan. This is a very good instruction. This whole movie is a horror movie yes you heard it right. You must have been more happy to hear this because everyone likes horror. It is being told that this movie director Sanal Devan has not announced the date of this movie. But still stuck waiting impatiently for it.

Kunjamminis Hospital ott platform

Let’s go a little further and talk about the main character of this movie and all the team members. As we told you that everyone is curious to know who is the main character of this movie, in the same way, we are also very excited to tell you that everyone’s favorite Indrajith Sukumaran is playing the main character of this movie. Along with this, some other actors are also part of this movie like Prakash Rajas Dr. Chacko, Nyla Ushaas Riny Titus, Baburajas Maala Varkey, Harisree Ashokanas Pappachan, and more.

Last but not least, now we are stuck with the question that when will the movie be released. X Uttar Saral Hai, Kunjamminis Hospital movie is going to release on OTT platforms on 11th August 2023. The budget for this movie so far has been 3.5 crores. The timing of this movie is being told as 133 minutes. So what are you waiting for, 11th August is the date, remember it, don’t forget to watch it. And follow us now, we will meet again with such new and interesting news.