What Happened to Keith Joseph Stephan? Montreal driver appears in court

The latest reports have suggested that police have arrested and charged a man after hitting pedestrians in St. Laurent. A man was arrested after his car exited a parking yard and struck pedestrians on the sidewalk. Nevertheless, the shocking incident was also recorded on the CCTV cameras. It happened on Sunday when dozens of people attended the event that happened at the Porsche Prestige dealership. Montreal Police immediately started an investigation into this incident. Meanwhile, police have also detained a man in connection with this incident. In the following sections, we have mentioned the identity of the man arrested for striking pedestrians in St. Laurent and explained what exactly happened there.

Keith Joseph Stephan

Keith Joseph Stephan Arrested In St. Laurent Accident

The man who is facing the charges of dangerous driving and hitting people walking on sidewalks has been identified as Keith Joseph Stephan. He is 28 years old man from Laval. Nevertheless, the Laval resident also has appeared in the Montreal Courthouse in front of the Quebec Court Judge. Police presented him the cour next day of the incident, on Monday when he was charged with two counts of dangerous driving. As his driving caused bodily harm to the pedestrians, he is facing 2 charges.

What Happened At St Laurent?

As mentioned above, the incident was captured on the cameras, the CCTV footage shows a Green BMW exiting a St. Laurent dealership parking lot located on Côte-de-Liesse road near Hébert St (that part of Côte-de-Liesse serves as the service road for Highway 40) and then skidding onto the sidewalk after seemingly the driver accelerated the car due to which the BMW car sideswiped a woman from the sidewalk and then hitting a man. After injuring the pedestrians the BMW car stuck a lamppost causing it to fall on the man lying on the ground.

Police said the man who was injured is 23 years old and he did not sustain any life-threatening injury but that he has suffered severe injuries. The injured woman is 19 years old and is in serious condition. Jean-Pierre Brabant who is the Montreal Police spokesperson stated that the driver pulled out his car from the parking lot of the dealership at about 2:35 p.m. when Porsche was organizing an event called Cars and Coffee from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. in which enthusiasts were invited to take part in “competitions, catering, a live DJ, face painting, and a surprise unveiling of a rare Porsche.