Karachi School Principal Video Viral, Sparks Controversy Online

These days, innumerable viral scandals are spreading their feet on social networking sites and almost every time these pieces of controversial stuff lead to agonist behavior while bringing things into suspicion. Something similar is again coming to the fore, as a quite shocking video hits the headlines from Karachi’s school where a principal tried to cross his limits with a female student in a certain manner. As soon as the users encountered the scandal their shocking reactions started hitting th bricks. In the details given below, you can explore the further details you should know about.

Karachi School Principal Video Viral

As per the exclusive reports or sources, barely a day wouldn’t have been crossed of coming to the clip out in a trend, and despite this, a wave of immense reactions flood took place while making thousands crazy over the stuff because immense back lashing is played by the users while asking the concerned authorities to take the strict actions against the default who’s prime involvement is appearing in the scandal because such crimes do not require to be forgotten as the video is showing how he tried to molest the girl and touching her in a wrong way which was hitting the bricks.

Karachi School Principal Video

The viral video of the Karachi School Principal is holding a few seconds of content and these few seconds are enough to analyze his intentions as he continued touching the girl while capturing everything in the video it can be seen that the girl is trying to escape but he does not let her go and tight the grip while asking her to sit peacefully as he is making her feel awesome and thus she should enjoy this but girl raised her voice while asking him to stay away but the principal does the things without thinking about his reputations and school’s name.

YouTube video

Besides all these, almost everyone condemned the actions of the principal while asking the police to take strict actions because the way he crossed the limit did not require any relaxation at the time of getting punished because things had changed to such an extent, and therefore the family of the victim is also asking the management to terminate him and make sure to remain his employment closed before he does anything ahead in a certain manner. Because such unwanted persons or things should maintain an arm’s distance from children. So stay tuned with us and follow Techballad.