Israel-Gaza War: Protests outside Israeli PM BenjaminNetanyahu’s residence

Protesters in Israel gathered in significant numbers outside the residence of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on November 4. The demonstrators expressed their frustration with the government’s handling of the situation, particularly in the wake of a deadly attack by Hamas gunmen on communities around the Gaza Strip the previous month. According to Reuters, the protesters gathered outside Netanyahu’s house and chanted slogans. In the attack on October 7, hundreds of Hamas gunmen infiltrated southern Israel, resulting in over 1,400 casualties and more than 240 people being taken hostage.

Benjamin Netanyahu

Israel-Gaza War

Prime Minister Netanyahu has not personally accepted responsibility for the government’s perceived failures during the surprise assault. Protesters at the scene waved blue and white Israeli flags and chanted slogans like “Jail now!” Hundreds of demonstrators pushed through police barriers as law enforcement tried to keep them away from Netanyahu’s residence in Jerusalem. Families of the hostages held in Gaza have criticized the government’s response to the situation. Public anger and frustration are growing among citizens, with calls for the safe return of their relatives who are being held captive by the Hamas group.

In Tel Aviv, thousands of protesters gathered, waving flags and holding photographs of some of the captives in Gaza. They chanted slogans such as “Release the hostages now at all costs” and carried posters with the same message, while the crowds chanted, “Bring them home now.” One of the protesters, Ofri Bibas-Levy, who has a brother and two young nephews held hostage by Hamas, came to show her support for her family. She expressed her concerns about their well-being, particularly the children’s access to food. Since the initial Hamas attack, Israel has launched a significant air and ground offensive in Gaza, resulting in casualties. Health authorities in the Hamas-run area reported over 9,000 people killed, with many areas in Gaza left in ruins. This protest coincided with a poll indicating that over three-quarters of Israelis believe Netanyahu should resign. It reflects the growing public discontent in Israel against its political and security leadership.

Approximately 76% of Israelis are of the opinion that Prime Minister Netanyahu, who is serving his sixth term, should step down. Additionally, 64% of the population is in favor of holding immediate elections following the conflict, according to a survey conducted for Israel’s Channel 13 Television. The survey reveals that around 44% of Israelis hold Netanyahu responsible for the initial attack by Hamas, while approximately 33% place blame on the military chief of staff and senior Israel Defense Forces (IDF) officials. Only 5% attributed responsibility to the Defense Minister.