Israel-Gaza War: ‘Heavy fighting in Gaza’ says Hamas as Israel escalates ground operations

Hamas reported engaging in intense combat with Israeli forces in northern Gaza on Sunday, while residents in the besieged area were once again urged to evacuate to the south, as reported by AFP. On Sunday, Gaza received its largest aid shipment since the conflict between Israel and Hamas began, with nearly three dozen trucks entering the region. The death toll among Palestinians has now surpassed 8,000, with a majority being women and minors, according to the Gaza Health Ministry as reported by the Associated Press. According to a spokesperson at the Rafah crossing, cited in a report by the Associated Press, 33 trucks carrying aid entered the only border crossing from Egypt. The Israeli army announced on Monday that its forces had killed “dozens” of militants in overnight clashes in Gaza as part of its military response to the October 7 Hamas attacks.

Israel-Palestine war

Israel-Gaza War

The army stated that “troops killed dozens of terrorists who had barricaded themselves in buildings and tunnels and attempted to attack the troops,” and that a fighter jet had targeted a building “housing over 20 Hamas terrorist operatives.” (Source: AFP) In another incident, Russian police took control of an airport in the predominantly Muslim Dagestan region and arrested 60 people after hundreds of anti-Israel protesters stormed the facility on Sunday following the arrival of a plane from Israel, according to the interior ministry. Videos obtained by Reuters from the Makhachkala airport, the regional capital, showed predominantly young male protesters waving Palestinian flags, breaking glass doors, and shouting slogans such as “Allahu Akbar” or “God is Greatest” as they ran through the airport on Sunday evening.

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken and UK Foreign Minister James Cleverly held a telephone conversation in which they discussed the Israel-Hamas conflict, the importance of ensuring humanitarian access to Gaza for Palestinian civilians, and the urgent release of hostages. In an official statement, both leaders emphasized Israel’s right to self-defense and explored ways to collaborate with regional partners in order to de-escalate the conflict and secure the release of the hostages.

The Turkish real estate investment fund, Trend GYO, has responded to the recent imposition of sanctions by the United States on three of its shareholders. These sanctions were applied on the grounds of alleged support for Hamas. Trend GYO stated on Sunday that it does not provide financial support to any organization. The U.S. recently issued a second round of sanctions targeting the Palestinian militant group, Hamas, following its attack on Israel earlier this month. These sanctions included measures against a Hamas official in Iran and members of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.