Is Sandra Sully Leaving 10 News After Hand Injury, What Happened To Her?

Sandra Sully is a prominent journalist, news anchor, and editor working for 10 News First in Sydney and Queensland, Australia. She graduated from Brisbane State High School in 1978 and achieved a significant milestone in her career by becoming the first Australian television journalist to report on the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. Her coverage began immediately after the initial incident.

Sandra Sully
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Is Sandra Sully Leaving 10 News After Hand Injury

In addition to her journalistic achievements, Sandra Sully served as the National Carbon Test host for Cool Aid Australia and co-hosted the Melbourne Cup program for seven years, becoming the first female co-host. Recently, Sandra Sully made headlines for responding firmly to a Twitter troll while defending Channel 10’s decision to allow its employees to work on Australia Day. The decision not to observe the national holiday stemmed from the controversy surrounding the date of Australia Day, with many advocating for a change. Paramount, the parent company of Channel 10, announced that January 26 should not be a day of festivities and allowed employees to choose whether to work on that day.

Concerns have arisen regarding Sandra Sully’s future with 10 News after she was seen on camera with a tightly bandaged hand. Network 10 confirmed that the veteran newscaster had undergone surgery following an injury sustained a week earlier. Despite the bandaged hand, Sandra Sully is reported to be recovering well. Throughout her career at Ten News, which commenced in 1990, Sandra Sully has covered significant events, including her historic reporting on the September 11 terrorist attacks, which are now remembered on the occasion of their 22nd anniversary. Sandra Sully, a seasoned newsreader, shared a humorous anecdote from her career during an episode of the “I’ve Got News For You” podcast. She recounted a live TV incident from earlier in the year when she had difficulty concluding a story about a kangaroo engaging in unusual behavior.

Sully explained that typically, after her news broadcast, she would transition to the sports segment, which often included a “play of the day” segment. However, on this particular occasion, she hadn’t reviewed the content beforehand because she was busy and forgot to include it in the rundown. As a result, she was caught off guard. In the story she had to present, there was a kangaroo incident on a golf course during a competition. This kangaroo unexpectedly began engaging in behavior that required intervention. Sully found it challenging to complete her newscast because she wasn’t prepared for the unexpected content.

To add to the surprise, the team had incorporated international music into the coverage. The unexpected nature of the story and the accompanying music caught her off guard, and she had limited time to wrap up the segment. Additionally, Sandra Sully shared that in November 1997, she had experienced a concerning incident that seemed to involve a stalker. After returning home from a late shift at Channel Ten, she was assaulted in her home’s parking lot. As a result of this incident, she hired security guards for her safety. Furthermore, after getting married in 2011, Sandra Sully became a stepmother by adopting her husband’s child. She has been presenting 10 News First Sydney since 2018. Her career began with hosting Ten Eyewitness News Brisbane in the 1990s. Additionally, she started presenting the Queensland bulletin in September 2020, as part of a revamp of the 10 News First brand, even though it’s produced in Sydney.