IOS 16.3 Reportedly to Be Released: The Ultimate Tech Update of the Week!

The Black Power Collective Apple has announced that watchOS 9.3 and iOS 16.3 will be released during the week of January 23, and the company has stated that the Apple Watch face will be available as part of these updates. The beta cycle for iOS 16.3 and the other releases has been slow, with a total of only two betas spread out over the course of two months. On the other hand, it would appear that Apple is prepared to launch the updates within the next week.

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Apple disclosed the forthcoming release by way of the announcement on the Black Unity Collection. The information that the Unity watch face will be accessible via watchOS 9.3 the next week is mentioned in a footnote that is located at the bottom of the page.

This indicates that at the very least, iOS 16.3, iPad OS 16.3, tvOS 16.3, and watchOS 9.3 will most likely be released concurrently sometime around January 27. Additionally, Apple will most certainly release macOS Ventura 13.2, but this isn’t a prerequisite by any means.

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IOS 16.3 Reportedly to Be Released
IOS 16.3 Reportedly to Be Released

Other than the option to use physical security keys for Apple ID two-factor authentication, there aren’t any remarkable additions arriving in the releases. The new Unity watch face and wallpaper are the only noticeable features coming in the updates.

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Frequently asked questions

Is iOS 16.3 out?

iOS 16.3 Release Date:

On January 24, 2023, Apple is most likely going to release the official version of iOS 16.3 to the public.

What does iOS 16.3 do?

Users on any continent will be able to access iCloud's more comprehensive data protection features after the new iOS 16.3 update is installed. Users' data will have an additional layer of protection thanks to the newly introduced Apple ID and iCloud security keys. A problem with the display of the iPhone 14 Pro Max is going to be addressed in the new version.

How do I get iOS 16.3 beta?

Tutorial: iOS 16.3 beta 2 for developers
The General section of your iPhone's settings can be accessed by tapping the Settings icon.
A software upgrade can be obtained by selecting the appropriate menu option.
Select the File and Install button.
Put in your iPhone's passcode and tap through the prompts.
Select Install Now once the file has downloaded.

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