Intel and Ericsson collaborate on custom 5G chipset

Intel and Ericsson have announced a collaboration to develop a specialized 5G chip. The announcement has garnered significant attention in online news outlets. On Tuesday, Intel Corp (INTC.O) revealed its partnership with Ericsson (ERICb.ST), a Swedish telecommunications gear manufacturer, to create a specialized chip for Ericsson’s 5G network equipment. The goal of this collaboration is to capitalize on Intel’s advanced manufacturing technology to develop a chip that improves the efficiency and performance of Ericsson’s network gear. This partnership is part of Intel’s attempt to regain its leading position in semiconductor manufacturing, which it has lost to competitors like Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co (TSMC).

Intel and Ericsson

Intel has been struggling to maintain its dominance in semiconductor manufacturing in the face of tough competition from Taiwanese company TSMC. TSMC is known for its ability to create smaller and more energy-efficient semiconductors. To address this challenge, Intel’s Chief Executive Pat Gelsinger has developed a strategy to accelerate the pace of innovation by condensing five generations of chip manufacturing advances into just four years.

One crucial aspect of Intel’s plan to reclaim the manufacturing lead is the partnership with Ericsson. The new chip, developed using Intel’s “18A” manufacturing technology, marks one of the initial instances where Intel will utilize this advanced technology for chips outside its own product line. This collaboration serves as a testament to Intel’s commitment to revitalizing its manufacturing capabilities and staying at the forefront of innovation.

Unfortunately, specific details about the chip’s availability on the market have not been disclosed by Intel and Ericsson. However, Intel has previously indicated that its 18A manufacturing technology will be fully operational by 2025. Thus, it is reasonable to speculate that the Ericsson chip may become commercially available around that time.

Intel’s partnership with Ericsson represents a significant milestone for both companies. Ericsson, a prominent player in the telecommunications industry, stands to benefit from the technological prowess and expertise Intel brings to the table. By collaborating with Intel, Ericsson can leverage their resources to develop more advanced and efficient 5G networking solutions that meet the increasing demands of the digital age.

Intel’s collaboration with Ericsson to develop a custom chip for 5G networking gear showcases Intel’s ambition to rise above its recent challenges in semiconductor manufacturing. By utilizing its cutting-edge “18A” manufacturing technology, Intel aims to regain its position as a leader in the field. While details regarding the chip’s availability remain undisclosed, this partnership undoubtedly signifies a crucial step forward for both Intel and Ericsson as they work together to drive innovation in the telecommunications industry.