India reacts after envoy stopped from entering UK gurdwara

Glasgow Gurdwara is a religious place located on Albert Drive in Scotland. This religious place has been the topic of the town since an Indian High Commissioner was stopped outside the Gurdwara. This incident led to a widespread controversy leaving people angered by the behavior of a Khalistani activist toward the Indian High Commissioner who was stopped from entering the religious site. Amid a huge controversy, Glasgow Gurdwara came to the fore and condemned the incident where an Indian High Commissioner was restricted from entering the religious place. But people have been left in a frenzy to know what happened there. If you are scrambling to the internet regarding the same, keenly follow the following sections. Drag down the page.

Glasgow Gurdwara

Vikram Doraiswami Was Stopped From  Entering Glasgow Gurdwara

The Indian High Commissioner who was stopped by a pro-Khalistani activist outside Glasgow Gurdwara, was Vikram Doraiswami who is high commissioner to the United Kingdom. Reportedly, on Saturday, September 29,  2023, Vikram Doraiswami went to Glasgow Gurdwara according to his planned schedule but when he was about to enter the religious site some unknown individuals attempted to disturb the commission during his personal visit, causing him to leave the place. A video of the incident is also going viral on the internet.

Pro-Khalistani Activist blocked Doraiswami at Glasgow Gurdwara

A video circling on the internet shows the Indian High Commissioner being blocked by a man who is said to be a pro-Khalistani activist. He stopped Doraiswami from entering Glasgow Gurdwara. The viral video also claims the Indian officials are banned from entering Glasgow Gurdwara. Therefore, a  Sikh man confronted Doraiswami and removed him from the premises. However, Glasgow Gurdwara condemned the act of the person who blocked Vikram Doraiswami. Glasgow Gurdwara said, “We welcome everyone here,” Continue reading this article.

Glasgow Gurdwara Responded To The Incident

Glasgow Gurdwara termed the stopping of Vikram Doraiswami “Disorderly behavior”. The Scottish Gurdwara further added it is open to people from all walks. “An incident occurred on 29 September 2023 at Glasgow Gurdwara where the Indian High Commissioner was on a personal visit, facilitated by a member of the Scottish Parliament. Certain unknown individuals from outside the Glasgow area attempted to disrupt this visit, following which the visiting party decided to leave the premises,” Gurdwara further added that unruly people disturbed the Commissioner. Glasgow Gurdwara strongly condemned disorderly behavior to disrupt the peaceful proceedings of a Sikh place of worship. The Gurdwara is open to people from all communities and backgrounds, and we welcome everyone openly as per our principles of faith.