What Happened At The Imtiaz Mall Incident?

Shocking reports are coming from Quetta, Pakistan, where a girl died during a public event in a mall. As per the sources, a girl died at Imtiaz Mall during a lucky draw event. The Imtiaz Mall incident is a matter of Monday night, September 18, 2023, when chaos occurred at the mall and people started wondering what happened to the girl. In the presence of thousands of people at Imtiaz Mall, a girl reportedly suddenly collapsed and lost her life leaving everyone shuddered and jostled. Since this incident took place at Imtiaz Mall, people have been taking over the internet to know the circumstances surrounding the death of the girl and answers to the questions related to this incident. Nevertheless, we have mentioned everything that we have learned so far. Scroll down.

Imtiaz Mall Incident

What Happened At The Imtiaz Mall Incident?

The news of the Imtiaz Mall incident surfaced when people who were present at the Imtiaz Mall during the incident recorded the situation on their mobile phones and posted it on social media. There are a number of YouTube videos that are currently trending with the title “Imtiaz Mall Incident During Lucky Draw 2023”. In addition, the videos of the incident have garnered thousands of views. The ongoing viral clips are unveiling the unforeseen imagery of the Imtiaz Mall where a girl lost her life during a lucky draw event.

YouTube video

A girl collapsed during the annual event held at Imtiaz Mall in Quetta. Organizers of the event, Imtiaz Mall staff members, and people present at the event can be seen involved in chaos and trying to provide assistance to the girl. Some also performed CPR on the girl and tried to push her chest in a bid to regain her consciousness. Sadly the girl could not be revived. After performing the emergency medical steps, the girl was suddenly taken to a hospital.

People hurriedly took the girl to the emergency ward of the hospital. Shortly after the incident, people in large numbers gathered outside the hospital. Almost everyone outside the hospital was involved in heated arguments. Later some time, the girl was taken to another hospital from the medical facility where she was taken first. Sources have not yet revealed the identity of the girl but it is apparent that the girl was under 10 years of age. Some details about the Imtiaz Mall incident are still under scrutiny. An investigation must be under process.