IIT Bombay Student Complains About Non-Vegetarian Spoon Used For Vegetarian Food

An IIT Bombay student recently brought attention to a concerning incident in an email addressed to the administration. The student reported observing another student, on October 5th between 9:35 am and 9:50 am, using the same serving ladle to take items from both the non-vegetarian and vegetarian/Jain food counters. Despite a polite intervention by the concerned student, the individual in question responded dismissively.

IIT Bombay

According to the email, a fellow student offered a simple solution, but the student responsible insisted on continuing the same behavior in the future. The email concludes with a request for the administration to take appropriate and strict action to address the issue. This information was shared on Reddit, where a user posted a screenshot of the email. The incident highlights a potential lapse in respecting dietary preferences and proper food handling practices within the institution. The administration’s response will be crucial in resolving the matter and promoting awareness of diverse dietary choices among the student community.

IIT Bombay recently imposed a substantial fine of ₹10,000 on a student who took part in a silent protest against the implementation of a “vegetarian-only” table at the institution. An investigation is underway to identify other participants in the protest. During a virtual meeting on October 1, the Mess Council of Hostel 12, 13, and 14 characterized the protest as a premeditated attempt to disturb peace and harmony within the mess, despite advice to the contrary from the Associate Dean SA (Students’ Affairs).

The controversy arose from the decision of the Mess Council to allocate six tables in a common canteen exclusively for “vegetarian food only.” In the previous month, an email was circulated to all residents detailing these specific tables. In July, posters declaring “vegetarians only are allowed to sit here” appeared on the canteen walls of Hostel 12, prompting protests. The Ambedkar Periyar Phule Study Circle (APPSC), representing students, condemned the incident and removed the discriminatory posters. Through RTIs (Right to Information) and emails to the hostel’s general secretary, the APPSC’s investigations revealed the absence of an official policy for food segregation at the institute.

APPSC IIT Bombay criticized the need for separate eating spaces based on the concept of purity, arguing that it reinforces the superiority of certain groups on campus and deems their eating habits superior to others. This situation highlights ongoing tensions surrounding food choices and segregation within the institute, leading to protests and discussions on inclusivity and discrimination.