Hyperkin Xbox 360 Controller Returns for Its 17th Birthday

Hyperkin Xbox 360 Controller: For some reason, the first console controller I ever used was the Xbox 360, and I have hazy memories of its shiny black batwing controller being slightly sticky. How can kids in middle school get a thin layer of gummy worm slime on everything they touch?

Hyperkin, a leading maker of computer accessories, is providing a wonderful opportunity to discover. Hyperkin is celebrating the Xbox 360’s 17th birthday by offering a licenced reproduction of the 360 controllers, playable on the Xbox One S/X and Windows 10/11.

The Xenon, which is the science fiction codename for the 360 from when it was merely rumoured in 2005, seems to be a faithful reproduction. It has the same straightforward angles and button arrangements as the original, demanding to be covered in Flamin’ Hot Cheeto dust.

Hyperkin Xbox 360 Controller
Hyperkin Xbox 360 Controller

However, Xenon will also be loaded with modern conveniences like a headphone jack and menus for viewing content and sharing it with others. You may rest assured that you won’t be receiving a fake because it’s a legitimate Microsoft product.

Unfortunately, a detachable USB-C connection is the only way to link the controller to your gaming PC or console. Xenon cannot be wireless like the original Xbox 360 controller. To me, that’s a little bit of a letdown.

While playing video games, I enjoy stretching out and pretending that I am reaching for faraway packages of Fruit by the Foot. I suppose they also produce corn syrup items at close range, though.

Although Hyperkin has not yet declared a release date or price, I would expect that inflation will not spare anyone, including Xbox 360 accessories, based on the company’s $70 reproduction of the original Xbox controller, the Duke.

However, Xenon is also available in pink (along with the classic white, black, and red) and I expect that my eyes will be blinded by the glow of memories and I will sloppily swipe my credit card in a state of confusion.

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