Tom Riddle’s Diary Comes to Life in Hogwarts Legacy Gameplay Showcase

Hogwarts Legacy Gameplay Showcase: Avalanche Software has been very forthcoming with gameplay footage for Hogwarts Legacy as the release date approaches.

The ins and outs of the Room of Requirement, the look of flight traversal in Hogwarts Legacy’s open world, and the use of Unforgivable Curses in combat have all been detailed in two gameplay showcases that recently aired with developer commentary.

It’s safe to assume that there’s more for players to discover in Hogwarts Legacy, and the most recent demo hinted at an intriguing new development.

The second gameplay demo for Hogwarts Legacy touched on many of the discoveries that players will have to make for themselves, from freely navigating the grounds of Hogwarts to venturing into the Forbidden Forest to tailoring the aesthetic delights of the Room of Requirement.

Nonetheless, it ended with a brief cutscene sequence, the significance of which remains obscure. Although fans of Harry Potter may immediately connect this scene to the stage adaptation of Tom Riddle’s diary, some may even assume they know who the owner of this diary is.

Hogwarts Legacy Gameplay
Hogwarts Legacy Gameplay

Reference to Tom Riddle’s Diary in Hogwarts Legacy Teaser

This Hogwarts Legacy sneak peek features a small room with a single book. As the protagonist approaches and interacts with an open book, several pages fly loose and fall into it. The book then closes after a cutscene where the protagonist observes a whirlwind of shadows surrounding him and is sucked inside along with them.

There are already notable connections to Harry Potter lore that fans may immediately associate with this incident. Still, this tease seems to imply that whatever this cutscene alludes to will be explained in a future gameplay showcase.

After obtaining Tom Riddle’s diary in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Harry experiences visions of written communication between himself and the diary’s blank pages. Possibly, the player will share the author’s recollections in Hogwarts Legacy because Harry is absorbed into the journal at some point.

Due to the visual of pages being sucked into the book, this sequence can be unlocked once enough of the field guide pages for Hogwarts Legacy have been discovered.

The similarity is probably not just the developers teasing fans, but it’s possible that this scene is set up something completely different in terms of narrative or gameplay.

This Merlin Screenshot May Have Something to Do with the Hogwarts Legacy Tease

The connections between Merlin and the protagonist of Hogwarts Legacy and the magic of the past have far-reaching implications. In light of this, some viewers may have concluded that the showcase had revealed the contents of Merlin’s book of ancient magic secrets.

Fan theories speculate that Merlin plays a significant role in the game, with some even suggesting that the protagonist of Hogwarts Legacy is a direct descendant of the wizard.

The showcase tease’s book could be Merlin’s if he plays such a central role in the story, connecting the protagonist to the ancient magic they learn and wield. Hogwarts Legacy’s 1800s setting is already refreshing, and this would be a great way to communicate with a canon that isn’t so tightly bound to pop culture iconography.

Intriguingly, a Pensieve appears in the room below where the book appears in this teaser, which would add another layer of fantastical intrigue if it is indeed one of these magical items and if players are eventually able to use it.

The PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X versions of Hogwarts Legacy will release on February 10; the PS4 and Xbox One versions will release on April 4; and the Switch version will release on July 25.

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