Subreddit Hogwarts Legacy Banned Over JK Rowling Issue

Hogwarts Legacy Banned: Political leanings of people who have contributed to Hogwarts Legacy have gotten the project into trouble again. A single Reddit post has led to the banning of thousands of Harry Potter fans appearing to agree with author J. K. Rowling.

Not for the first time, as we’ve established. After issues with his “anti-fem” and “pro [Gamergate]” remarks surfaced in 2021, lead designer Troy Leavitt left Avalanche Software. Since Rowling advocates trans-exclusionary radical feminism, Warner Bros.

Hogwarts Legacy Banned
Hogwarts Legacy Banned

Interactive Entertainment has had to frequently address criticisms over the amount of money she stands to gain from Hogwarts Legacy sales (or TERF as a noun). Rowling recently used Twitter to criticize YouTuber Jessie Earl for saying that, despite Rowling’s transphobic speech, supporters shouldn’t feel the need to burn the books that gave them so much pleasure in the past.

A similar message was widely shared yesterday on the subreddit GamingCircleJerk: “A nice reminder from your modteam that this woman is a TERF and everyone who commits to supporting her economically is also a transphobe.”

The reaction was predictably heated, and the subreddit eventually banned Harry Potter fans who disagreed with the original poster.

That you, “those who believe you need to consume this latest WB product,” have “thrown in with these kinds of people” speaks volumes about your integrity or lack thereof, the moderator answered, referring to the amount of hate speech that has been thrown away in this thread and our modmail.

“I hope you enjoy squandering seventy dollars on a toy that is probably quite buggy. Every one of us sane people will be playing games that don’t contribute to a transphobe’s income.”

No possible world exists where the author’s controversies don’t weigh heavily on Hogwarts Legacy. Given how frequently Rowling writes on social media, we should expect more mayhem to break out soon.

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