Google Pixel 8 Pro: Release Date, Specs And Price In India

Finally, the goodness is here as Google has announced the launching of its brand new and highly anticipated smartphone which you all were impatiently waiting for. Yes, you heard right, the company is launching Google Pixel 8 pro which almost everyone is impatiently waiting for. So just be ready to become the witness of a great moment because the countdown has commenced and soon the smartphone would take place in the market while astonishing everyone in a certain way. So in the details given below, you will get to know everything along with the availability, specifications, and price, check the details wisely.

As per the exclusive reports or sources, ever since Google announced to bring of Google Pixel 8 pro into the market the entire world started keeping their eyes on each activity is the makers as they would not get ignorant of anything because the set remains highly anticipated and much awaited for a very long and therefore, everyone is looking to make themselves aware with the specifications and the price because both are being anticipated immensely high while overturning th certain things, so let’s just delve into the integral one now.

Google Pixel 8 Pro leaked

Specifications of Google Pixel 8 Pro

Now, if we emphasize the specifications of Google Pixel 8 Pro, the smartphone is the successor of the Pixel 7 and thus th model is coming with upgraded features which are great to hear. As it is coming with a 120 Hz refresh rate 6.70-inch touchscreen presentation offering a resolution of 1440×3120 pixels (QHD). Google Pixel 8 Pro is predicted to be powered by an octa-core Google Tensor processor and arrive with 12GB of RAM. The Google Pixel 8 Pro endorses wireless charging, as well as proprietary quick charging, that will reduce the time if electricity consumption in short, the smartphone is holding multiple significance that are making it amazing in a particular manner.

So, as the company is providing the specifications in Google Pixel 8 pro so things are clear that it will be charged according to that so thus, you do not need to worry ahead as the smartphone is holding a high rate but it is providing the great facility too so it would not be inappropriate to say that as you will the same you will get in a certain way you have supposed for as per your convenience. So Purchase it after being released and for more details stay tuned with us, do follow Techballad for more exciting updates.