Google Maps Adding Arrival And Departure Notifications

The highlight of Google’s summer release of new Maps features is a big boost to location sharing that enables users to receive arrival and departure notifications. Google is rolling out a handful of new Maps features for the summer.

Google Maps is going to start offering location-sharing notifications, which will let you know when someone has arrived at a location or has left it. When this feature is ready to use, open their page within the app to begin the process of setting it up. Because the notifications are triggered “every time” a person enters or exits the building, the process is ongoing.

Imagine that you are going to a concert with a number of your close friends. In the event that they have previously decided to share their location with you, you will be able to establish a notification for the music venue’s address. This will allow you to see when they have arrived at the place so that you can promptly meet up with them. In the event that you and your companions become separated, you might also program a notification that alerts you as soon as they leave the location.

It is designed to make it possible for people to “more easily arrange schedules and have peace of mind,” with the latter benefit being particularly useful for ensuring that someone will arrive at a specific location.

When I go on my solo hiking trip this summer, one of the ways I intend to put this function to use is when I get started on the trail. It gives me peace of mind to know that someone will be aware that I arrived back at the trailhead parking lot unharmed since I have asked my sister to set up a notice for me so that she can see when I have done so.

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Google has stated that “notifications can only be created for someone who has already decided to share their location with you.” This statement was made in reference to the company’s privacy policies. Those who choose to make their location public will be bombarded with frequent notifications indicating that the feature is now operational.

Someone has a notice set up for their arrival or departure:

The person who has shared their location with you will be sent various reminders to let them know, including a push notification in the Maps app, an email, and recurrent monthly emails. These reminders will be sent to the person who has shared their location with you.

In addition to preventing the sharing of your location, you have the ability to “ban someone from setting notifications altogether.” Google Maps is now in the process of rolling out location-sharing notifications for Android and iOS users around the world.

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