Final Fantasy XIV: How To Work the Market Board And Where to Catch Them

The Market Board is an excellent way for any Final Fantasy XIV player to make some extra Gil and boost their income. The Market Board in Final Fantasy XIV is a global marketplace where players can buy and trade goods with one another. Because so many objects may be traded or sold, the game has a robust economy that promotes healthy competition among players.

Gatherers, who must sell their things on the Market Board, crafters, who must buy ingredients, and players, who must always have the most excellent equipment, are all directly impacted by competition on the Market Board. To put it mildly, the Market Board is crucial to your success. Players just getting started with the Market Board often make silly mistakes that cost them money.

If an item is only taking up space in a player’s inventory, that person is likely to sell it for the lowest possible Gil price passively. Still, that’s a terrible approach to taking on the Market Board. Players looking to maximize their earnings should become proficient at maximizing their sales prices on the Market Board.

Do Not Sell in Increments of 99

Putting up a pile of 99 Ash Logs for sale may seem like a good idea, but it’s the worst strategy for moving an item. Nobody wants to spend a hundred and ninety-nine dollars on Ash Logs when they only need six to complete their project. Despite the theoretically higher asking price, a bundle of 10 logs is more likely to be purchased by a buyer.

So, in a game with 99 players, the one who takes the extra few seconds to divide their stack into portions will have an advantage. To maximize sales, it is best to offer products in manageable quantities. The implication of this is item-specific. As an illustration, it is recommended to sell mob drops in large stacks and pairs of materials. You shouldn’t stack more than 15 objects high at once.

Update Prices Every Few Hours

One of the most common blunders of inexperienced players is to publish an item and then forget about it, only to discover several days later that they have set the price of their item hundreds of Gil over the market price. As in the real world economy, FFXIV’s Market prices fluctuate hourly. A general trend toward ever-decreasing prices results from sellers trying to outbid one another.

If sellers ignore their item’s pricing, they may have to lower their prices or wait for the Market to recover before making a profit. Even though players shouldn’t lose sleep over the Market Board’s dynamic pricing, they should check it once more before signing off for the day. In the end, a retainer only has 20 spaces for selling items, and every unsold item takes up one of those slots.

Do Not Go With the Flow

Players need to know the current Market price for their item and how much they are willing to sell it for. Value quickly disappears as competitors drive down costs. If a player has amassed a large quantity of rare silk, they may be dismayed to see that it sells for only 15 Gil on the Market Board.

This extreme undercutting can be countered by waiting a few days. Despite appearances, waiting to sell more valued items will yield considerably better results. A patient participant can post their article after the Market Board hoarders have bought up all the inexpensive listings, laying the groundwork for the next undercutting cycle.

Sell More Than Just Your Junk

People who play the game to sell their wares aren’t likely to amass a fortune in the billions. It’s possible that dodo flesh and animal hides can be used as crafting materials, but in practice, they only fetch a couple of Gil. Earnings might be boosted by taking a more aggressive approach to selling. Making use of crafting opportunities and logs is one approach.

Those that enjoy crafts will have an advantage over their peers. As a Weaver or Leatherworker, you can make a good living by producing fashionable clothing. Selling high-demand crafting materials is ideal for gamers who can’t bear the crafting mini-game.

Players who want to go on hunts or FATEs will be happy to discover that loot from high-level mobs fetches a premium price from those who aren’t prepared to farm for their ingredients. Hunters can learn everything they need about rare loot by reading the crafting records of players level 50 and above on the game’s official website.

Utilize your Time Abroad

Those who have mastered the game’s economics may want to venture to other planets in search of stocks to resell on their home planet. Even though the prices of expensive commodities like Treasure Map loot are pretty consistent throughout the world, the prices of less valuable items like textiles and metals continuously fluctuate.

The key to successful globetrotting is keeping abreast of domestic market developments before venturing abroad with investment capital. Remember that players can buy on other worlds but cannot sell. A player can get caught stock of sale in their home world if they buy too much at a high price.

There are both straightforward and intricate ways to sell on the Market Board. It’s an excellent chance for players to make tens of thousands of Gil through active labor in crafting or passive income in the form of optimized participation in dungeons and hunts. Either way, when used correctly and by the Market Board’s guidelines, it can be a lucrative source of income.

Final Fantasy XIV and Where to Catch Them

In the same way that a Free Company would spend money on a real-life billboard to advertise its products, catching these fish will make you well-known throughout the community as one of the best and most well-known fishermen in the area. Find out what fish are available, how to catch them, and where to find them in the table below.

Fish Name Where and How to Catch the Fish Mentioned
Shonisaurus If you want to catch this scarce fish, you’ll have to travel to the Central Highlands of Coerthas or anywhere else inside of Coerthas. If you have a high-quality cloud cutter and some ‘Mooch,’ you can locate the Shonisaurus in calm and stormy weather.
Meteor Survivor You can try to catch this fish by going to Lower La Noscea in The Salt Strand. You must be present between 3 a.m. and 5 a.m. game time. Wind, fog, and clouds are just a few examples of what might constitute the weather. Alternatively, a Rats Tail bait can be used to attract the fish.
Kuno, the Killer This fish requires a gathering skill of 399 or higher to catch, making the process quite time-consuming. Your ‘Mooch’ skill is the bait you’ll need to reel in that fish successfully. Carrying an HQ Goldfish would be highly recommended. You’ll want to catch Kuno in one of the game’s lakes.
Blood Red Bonytongue This fish will once again be caught via mooching. The HQ Silverfish is the fish you want to mooch off of. Clear skies and 8 a.m. at Mor Dhona are ideal for catching fish. On the other hand, you’ll need a Gathering skill of 375 or above to reel in this elusive specimen.
Ninja Betta You will have the best chance of catching this fish between 6 p.m. and 9 a.m. in Mor Dhona at The Tangle. A mooch chain consisting of an “HQ Ala Mhigan Fighting Fish” and an “HQ Assassin Beta” is required. Gloomy conditions may characterize it.

As you can see, there are many things to check off your list before fishing, so if you need to buy bait, consider using poetics. It’s time to start getting ready for the fishing trip. Presently, you may purchase Final Fantasy XIV on the PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and PC.