Farah Khan and Sonu Sood visit Lalbaugcha Raja, Stuck in MASSIVE Crowd

A video of Farah Khan is going viral on the internet. The video is about Farah Khan’s trip to visit the Lalbaghcha Raja pandal. Seemingly, Farah Khan was not happy with what she did not expect during darshans. Film director Farah Khan was stuck in a huge crowd when she visited the Lalbaghcha Raja pandal for darshans. When she got stuck in a massive crowd, the paparazzi filmed her and shared it on the internet. Now, the video is buzzing so much on the internet. Have you watched the video? If not, don’t scrounge social media we are here to tell you everything about it. Continue reading this article and read more details.

Farah Khan

Farah Khan Stuck In Massive Crowd

The choreographer-director Farah Khan was surrounded by a huge crowd who had accumulated for darshans. The video which is going viral shows Farah Khan being escorted by her team into the iconic Ganpati pandal. Meanwhile, her team held on to her and helped her to walk with difficulty through the massive crowd. When Farah Khan got inside the pandal for darshan, she got stuck in a group of people where she was unable to move through it all. She was filmed while being stuck in the crowd.

The video shared by Voompla also shows Sonu Sood and Shekhar Suman were also by Farah Khan’s side in the crowd. The filmmaker got sandwiched in the crowd when she visited the Lalbaghcha Raja. Meanwhile, Farah Khan commented on one of her videos recorded at Lalbaghcha Raja, that she just wanted a quiet darshan but she experienced a lot of pushing and pulling. Nevertheless, she was okay, said Farah Khan. She commented, “There was too much crowd.. just wanted a quiet darshan.. IM absolutely fine.. just too many people pushing and pulling,”

Earlier this week, Farah Khan was also seen in another viral video in which she was bargaining with a street salesman selling a tripod. The film director was sitting in her luxurious BMW car when she bought the tripod for Rs 390 after bargaining with the poor man. She said it was expensive when Punit Malhotra who was with her in the car, said “I swear she must have spent more on the fuel of her 7 series looking for this tripod!.” This year several Bollywood personalities including Kartik Aaryan, Fukrey 3 team, and Shah Rukh Khan visited the iconic Lalbaghcha Raja during Ganesh Chaturthi.