Far Cry 6 Location Of The Aguda Cliffs Checkpoint Keycard

Some Far Cry 6 players are having trouble finding the keycard at the Aguda Cliffs checkpoint —here’s where to find it. When playing Far Cry 6, players can clear out the map and gain access to more resources by taking control of checkpoints and defeating the enemies guarding them.

To restore peace and quiet, players will usually have the option of using stealth or a barrage of loud weapons to eliminate enemies. The Aguda Cliffs checkpoint seems to be giving some Far Cry 6 players some trouble, though. And not because the enemies are formidable, but because they can’t seem to find the keycard location to open up a shack that contains an FND cache, among other goodies.

There is an NPC here who is supposed to have the Aguda Cliffs checkpoint key on their person, and players will need to steal it in order to progress, but for some players of Far Cry 6, this NPC doesn’t appear. If that occurs, the player still has two options for gaining access to the shack and retrieving the FND cache.

How to Get the Far Cry 6 Keycard from the Aguda Cliffs Checkpoint

A checkpoint keycard can be found on top of one of the cement barriers, as shown in the image above, if the player is standing in this location with their back to the shack. Players can pick up the key with the button shown on the screen and then head over to the shack to reap the rewards. Players of Far Cry 6 will have no trouble finding the key because it is attached to a purple lanyard of some sort.

Far Cry 6 Aguda Cliffs Checkpoint
Far Cry 6 Aguda Cliffs Checkpoint

Break Down the Door

Destroying the door with an explosive Far Cry weapon or item, like a grenade or rocket launcher, is another option for entering the Aguda Cliffs checkpoint shack. If neither of those options is available, the player can visit a workbench and equip a Blast Round mod to one of their weapons. This mod deals blast damage in an area and is effective against vehicles, and can break bulletproof windshields. And, of course, that door leading to the cache will be no match for it.

In addition to the PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, and Xbox One platforms, Far Cry 6 is also available on the Xbox One X and Xbox One S.

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