Far Cry 5 Player Constructs Realistic Mcdonald’s Replica in-game!

Far Cry 5: One inventive player of Ubisoft Montreal’s shooter Far Cry 5 used the game’s robust level editor to create a surprisingly realistic recreation of a McDonald’s, complete with a drive-through.

Even though players have moved on from Far Cry 5 in the years since its release, the game’s level editor still features some impressive player creations.

In 2018, Ubisoft Montreal released Far Cry 5, an open-world shooter that, in contrast to previous games in the series, takes place in the harsh countryside of Montana. Far Cry 5’s villains weren’t your typical despots and dictators, but rather the charismatic Joseph Seed and his Eden’s Gate doomsday cult.

Fans and critics alike enjoyed Far Cry 5, but some were disappointed by the game’s formulaic gameplay and the lackluster story compared to previous entries in the series. Reddit user mojoswoptops2020 recently posted a screenshot of a McDonald’s they created in the game’s level editor, and it shocked the internet.

Far Cry 5
Far Cry 5

Though the level editor of the Ubisoft Montreal shooter has previously been used to recreate fantastical environments, such as the stunning reproduction of Skyrim‘s Riverwood in Far Cry 5, this player creation demonstrates that real-world locales can look just as impressive running in the game’s engine.

McDonald’s has been digitally replicated by user mojoswoptops2020, and it’s a sight to behold thanks to the meticulously modeled interior and the restaurant’s instantly recognizable exterior.

Comments on Reddit about the tasty Far Cry 5 creation were overwhelmingly positive, with many users claiming they initially mistook the screenshot for an actual McDonald’s.

One commenter joked that mojoswoptops2020 should connect it to the McDonald’s website so that players could order real food from the virtual store, noting that the interior featured the increasingly-ubiquitous self-order machines found in many McDonald’s.

When asked if the soft serve machines in the game worked, mojoswoptops2020 responded, “This is based on real-life so no,” a jab at McDonald’s infamously temperamental soft serve machines.

For those interested in seeing more of mojoswoptops2020’s work, he has provided a video walkthrough of the level in the comments below.

This virtual McDonald’s is remarkably faithful to the real thing, right down to the broken ice cream machine and the strewn napkins at the scene of a kid’s birthday party in the dining area.

While it lacks the fantastical touches of some fan-made Far Cry 5 locations, it still looks like a fun place for gamers to stop for a bite to eat while they wait for news about Far Cry 7. There are PC, PS4, and Xbox One versions of Far Cry 5.

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