Explosive Updates Ahead: Fallout 76 New Update 2023 Roadmap Unveiled!

Fallout 76 New Update: During the holiday season, Fallout 76’s test servers will be experimenting with new features, and one of these features will allow players to simulate the effects of Power Armor without actually donning the iconic piece of Fallout gear.

This update is a part of a larger test for “Mutated Public Events,” a new type of event in Fallout 76 that combines elements of existing events for a fresh challenge.

As a starting point, consider the Mutated Public Events; they combine elements from both the Mutated Daily Ops and the standard Public Events.

These occurrences occur once an hour, and they undergo random mutations such as exploding enemies or those that are disguised as normal. There won’t be another Mutated Public Event until the following hour.

To complement the standard rewards of Legendary gear and Treasury Notes, players can now obtain Infusions by completing these.

One of the consumable effects of Power Armor can be temporarily granted to players by consuming an Infusion, which is a product of the Infusion Reagents.

Complete information on these new Infusions, as well as the existing Infusions, such as the “Steel Skin Infusion,” can be found in the test server patch notes, which can be accessed via the link provided below:


  • Infusions have powerful effects that last for a short amount of time.
  • Each Infusion has multiple tiers that increase the magnitude and/or duration of their effects.
  • Unlock higher Infusion Tiers by completing new Lifetime Challenges for Mutated Public Events. The more Mutated Events you complete, the more tiers you unlock!
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Current Infusions

  • Steel Skin Infusion: Gain the effects of wearing Power Armor for several minutes.
  • Healing Cloud Infusion: Emit a Healing Cloud that heals you and other friends nearby players for several minutes.

Currently, these enhancements are only available on the test servers, so they are unavailable to players on the live servers. No official date has been given by Bethesda for when these features will become available to the general public, but they are currently playable on the test servers.

Fallout 76 New Update
Fallout 76 New Update

Fallout 76 New Update

Although it has since improved, Fallout 76 was not well received when it first came out. The fact that it was a multiplayer-focused entry in a series known for its single-player RPGs was bound to cause controversy.

However, many Fallout fans were also dissatisfied with the game’s other design choices. The lack of human NPCs was roundly panned, early player versus player was infamously unbalanced and unrewarding, and many longtime Fallout players were dissatisfied with the game’s alterations to the series canon.

Even though Fallout 76 had a rocky start, Bethesda has been steadily updating and expanding the game since its release. The addition of nonplayable characters, the Daily Operations mode, and the Nuclear Winter battle royale mode are all examples.

A smaller update is coming to Bethesda’s pseudo-MMORPG on Tuesday, but it will still address some serious issues. The full patch notes for the July 26 update to Fallout 76 have not yet been released by Bethesda.

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The developer has confirmed that this update will focus on bug fixes rather than adding new content to Fallout 76. Bugs that cause Energy Weapons to wear out faster are on the list of things to fix.

The patch will also prevent the Super Mutant chef Grahm from wandering off during his Meat Cook and guarantee that players receive their proper Meat Week Rewards. Over the next few weeks, players can expect to see new additions to the Atom store.

But the new update will take Fallout 76 offline for several hours beginning at 10:00 AM Eastern/7:00 AM Pacific on July 26. According to the statement, Bethesda typically aims to limit maintenance to no more than three hours.

Tuesday’s scheduled maintenance, however, could last significantly longer. The Fallout 76 development team has explained their plans to improve the game’s servers. This will necessitate a period of time when the game is unavailable for play.

Players of Fallout 76 are encouraged to join the official Bethesda Studios Discord to receive updates on the game’s return to service. Bethesda announced the patch on Tuesday and discussed the upcoming Expeditions: The Pitt update for Fallout 76 in a blog post. Users with a Steam account can access the beta version of Fallout 76 by connecting to the game’s Public Test Server.

White spring Refuge, home to The Responder, is now offering the first two Missions, in addition to the daily quests and rewards. Plus, participants can voice their thoughts on the beta and be among the first to obtain a new C.A.M.P. pennant featuring the Pitt Panthers.

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In addition, the post teased a massive in-game sale that would be going live later today. The Legendary Weapons and Armor sold by Purveyor Murmrgh at the Rusty Pick in the Ash Heap in Fallout 76 are currently 25% off.

Meanwhile, Minerva can be found in The Crater, Fort Atlas, or the Foundation, and she offers a larger selection of items at any of these locations. Both deals are valid until July 25 at noon Eastern/9 am Pacific. The PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One versions of Fallout 76 have all been released.

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