Faisal Movers Accident Today: Tragic Accident Near Rashakai Interchange Claims, Leaves 23 Injured

In a devastating turn of events, a horrific accident occurred on the Rashakai Interchange Nowshera Motorway. The footage of this accident is currently viral on the world wide web. People on the web are really shocked after watching this tragic accident video. This accident claimed 5 lives and 23 others left injured. This is one of the most disturbing videos on social media. It has been claimed that this accident occurred because of the driver of the Faisal Movers private bus. Police are currently investigating this case. There are many pictures from the accident scene which are going viral on social media. To know about the whole case read the entire article.

Image: Tribal News Network

Tragic Accident near the Rashakai Interchange

There has been a horrific accident occurred near the Rashakai Interchange on the Nowshera Motorway. In this tragic accident, 5 innocent people lost their lives, and other 23 people were left with serious injuries but they are alive. This accident happened because of the driver of Faisal Movers private bus. The driver fell asleep while driving the bus because of that the bus got overturned at the Rashaskai Interchange. This information has been shared by the Motorway Police.

Accident Claimed 5 Lives and Other 23 Injured

In this horrific accident, 5 people died and another 23 people were left injured. The 23 people are currently in the hospital and they are receiving treatment. The five individuals lost their lives immediately after the accident. They even didn’t get a chance to receive treatment because they died on the spot. The reports given by Rescue 1122 claim that the 23 injured people of which two are women are reported to be severe. Immediately after the accident many ambulances arrived at the spot and took those 23 injured people and 5 dead people to the hospital. They were transported to the Hussain Ahmed Medical Complex which is located in Nowshera and the Mardan Medical Complex which serves as the primary destination for the medical facilities.

According to the Hospital staff, four people are still in critical condition. They are fighting for their lives. Five people have already lost their lives and 23 are injured in people are in critical situations. We pray that they recover and they come out of the critical situation. The identity of all the victims of this accident has not been revealed yet. But the name of the driver of the Faisal Movers bus has been revealed. the name of the driver is Shehryar. A case has been reported against the driver. The investigation of this case is going on.