Watch: El Monte Jewelry Store Robbery owners fight off burglar

These days, the entire world is going through a high crime rate as barely a day would have passed when the faces of social media peers do not collide with something shocking as regularly the disturbing stuff is spreading its feet rapidly. Something similar is coming to the fore again from EI Monte where a massive robbery took place on Saturday but due to the spacious behavior of the owner, they can not succeed in their plan as the owner just bought with them. In the details given below, you must receive further updates.

El Monte Jewelry Store Robbery

As per the exclusive reports or sources, the robbery incident had happened in the early hours of Saturday when the store was remaining empty and cleaning was going on, and then a bunch of anonymous men came inside with lethal equipment and started threatening the staff and broke some rocks too which were holding the jewelry and thus a strange buzz took place in the area as many have started rushing out while saving their precious lives but amidst all these, the owner waste one who decides to not leave his store on them and therefore he just started fighting to save his store and the jewelry.

El Monte Jewelry Store Robbery

Reportedly, the entire incident had happened in a quite spontaneous manner and therefore, people rushed out of the store so that they could not get affected because no one could have predicted the further stuff as defaults were having the equipment that can be proven lethal anyone else and that a tote owner first tried to snatch all them and then he beat them unless the police came as they were trying to escape but he held them in his grip while hitting their heads with the strong objects and later police started proceeding while taking such actions.

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Besides all these, the entire incident was recorded in the CCTV camera which was placed inside the store and now based on the footage further actions will be taken by the concerned authorities while punishing the defaulted at the time of taking compensation from them as they broke the certain accessories in the store which were costly enough and therefore first they will pay for them. Even the police mentioned that no bail policy would be held on their charges due to their crime as they tried to rob a store in a certain manner. So stay tuned with us and follow Techballad for more exciting updates.