Earthquake In Bay of Bengal: Magnitude of 4.2 tremor strikes

An earthquake occurred recently in the Bay of Bengal. The earthquake was of 4.2 magnitude. This earthquake occurred in the early morning of 7th November 2023, Tuesday.  This earthquake was very shocking as it was of a magnitude of 4.2. The news of this earthquake has been viral and trending since this morning. The residents of the Bay of Bengal are in a big shock right now. Many people have also shared the video of the earthquake. Most of the people in Bangalore didn’t feel the earthquake because this occurred in the early morning when people were sleeping. Now read this article till the end to learn everything.


According to the National Center for Seismology, a 4.2 magnitude earthquake occurred in the Bay of Bengal. This earthquake was shocking and this earthquake occurred at 5:32 am on 7th November 2023, Tuesday means this morning. NCS has also reported that in the early morning of Tuesday, the earthquake was at a depth of 10 km.  This earthquake of the magnitude of 4.2 which occurred today. The Lat: 8.55 & Long: 90.93, Depth: 10 km, Location: Bay of Bengal. This earthquake information has been posted by the NCS on Twitter (X). Scroll down to learn more.

In some past times, India has faced a lot of earthquakes in many cities and villages. On 6th November 2023, Monday, an earthquake of the magnitude of 5.6 occurred on the Richter scale and jolted the Pithoragarh district of Uttarakhand. Thankfully, there is no damage to life, and property has been recorded. Before then at around 4:16 a.m., an earthquake was felt in Nepal of the magnitude of 5.2. The tremors of the earthquake have been felt in Delhi. Currently, India is grappling with the aftermath of the earthquake of magnitude of 6.9 which happened on Friday. Then another earthquake occurred in Nepal on the next day which means on Saturday. To learn more, look at the next paragraph of this article.

Similar to this earthquake in Nepal, Nepal faced an earthquake in 2015 when there was an earthquake of a magnitude of 6.4. because of that earthquake, almost 157 people lost their lives and more than 160 people were injured. It also destroyed 100 homes. yesterday, India dispatched its second flight with the help of the residents of Nepal. India is providing crucial support to Nepal in this tough situation because the continuous two earthquakes of heavy magnitude have destroyed many things in Nepal. More details are to be shared very soon.