Earthquake: 6.3 magnitude earthquakes kill 15, injure nearly 40 in Afghanistan

Shock waves blew from Afghanistan where two shattering earthquakes hit the western region of the country on Saturday, October 7, 2023. This natural disaster caused 15 people to lose their lives tragically. Yes, it has been officially announced that the toll has gone to 15 due to two earthquakes of 6.3 magnitude in western Afghanistan. A spokesperson for the country’s national disaster authority informed that at least 15 people died and around 40 others were injured in the earthquake. Since two earthquakes of 6.3 magnitude hit the Asian country, people have been praying for the families who lost their beloved family members and homes. We have poured in all the imperative updates about the Afghanistan earthquake in the following sections. Go through it till the end.


At least 15 Died In Earthquake in Afghanistan

The spokesperson for the National Disaster Authority of Afghanistan, Mohammad Abdullah Jan said four villages located in the Zenda Jan district in Herat are bearing the burn of the tragedy and shockwaves as dozens of houses have collapsed and damaged. Following the earthquake that devastated dozens of houses in Herat, the United States Geological Survey announced that the earthquakes that hit Afghanistan on Saturday, October 7, 2023, were of 6.3 magnitude. The Zenda Jan district felt tremors of 6.3 magnitude. Continue reading this article and learn more details.

The United States Geological Survey also claimed that the epicenter of the earthquake was 40 km or 24.8 miles northwest of Herat City where an aftershock of 5.5 magnitude was also felt. The USGS also suggested that a total of seven earthquakes hit the area, including at least five powerful earthquakes that struck the Herat City afternoon. A resident of Herat City named Abdul Shakor Samadi said, “All people are out of their homes. Houses, offices, and shops are all empty and there are fears of more earthquakes. My family and I were inside our home, I felt the quake.” Samadi’s family started screaming with fear and running outside of the house. They were extremely afraid of returning inside the house.

Due to the devastating tremors felt in the city, the telephone connections got interrupted and went down causing people to struggle to call for help. With a lot of effort, the people from the affected areas called the emergency services. Currently, videos from the earthquake-hit areas are going viral on the internet showing people in the street outside their homes in Herat city. Herat province borders Iran. The quake also was felt in the nearby provinces of Badghis and Farah.