Dr Kenny Smiles Drama Explained as Kenny Wilstead Dentist Video Viral On Social Media

Recently, Dr. Kenny Smiles who is from Garland, Texas, started turning traction. In fact, he has become the topic of the town since a video of him went viral on the internet. Kindly note that Dr. Kenny Smiles is not going viral for good causes, he is currently feeling the heat of criticism and receiving backlash from the netizens. Dr. Kenny Smiles’s viral video has sparked a controversy making everyone intrigued to watch or learn about the video. We have published this column to inform who is Dr. Kenny Smiles, why his video sparked widespread controversies, and how people are reacting to the viral clip. Continue reading this article to know more about him.

Dr Kenny Smiles
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Who is Dr. Kenny Smiles?

As per the reports, Dr. Kenny Smiles is a dentist based in Garland, Texas. He is also known by his alias “Tooth Fairy”. After a video of him went viral, he found himself embroiled in a controversy. Despite being a respected dentist who has a sizable following on Instagram as well as a prominent person in dentistry, he is being backlashed by the people over his controversial remarks in a viral video. Reports have suggested that Dr. Kenny Smiles’s viral video shows him and his daughter both making racist comments in the video. Therefore, this video has sparked widespread outrage and controversies.

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Dr. Kenny Smiles’s Viral Video Controversy Explained

Not to mention, Dr. Kenny Smiles’s viral video has sent shock waves throughout the community. It has sparked shockwaves through the online community and the local area of Texas. Dr. Kenny Smiles and his daughter Paige are in trouble after making racist comments. Meanwhile, the video raised some serious concerns about the morality of public figures and doctors. They made offensive remarks publicly that pulled them at the center of a firestorm.

The controversial video shows Dr. Kenny Smiles and his daughter Paige talking about Paige’s struggles with History subject. The controversy erupts when Dr. Wilstead interrupts with a question. He asks Dr. Kenny Smiles’s daughter, “Who else besides the Indians if it wasn’t the Indians – do you think we were fighting?” Paige replies “Mexicans,”. Then Dr. Wilstead responds with an offensive remark, “Them dang illegals.” Everyone in the video including Paige and Dr. Wilstead shockingly laugh at this inappropriate comment. A person reacted to Dr. Kenny’s video, “He has always made me feel uncomfortable. His videos disgust me! He is good at what he does but he is absolutely disrespectful and ill-mannered. Just a big ol creep! Putting women down pissed me off! He tries to be sly about but not settling well with me.”