DMK leader’s close aide attacked in Bengaluru, police suspect fallout of gang rivalry

We are extremely shocked to share a piece of quiet disturbing news that is coming from Bengaluru that has shaken multiple souls. Because no one had even supposed that one day their faces would be collided with something like this. Yes, you heard right, DMK leader Azhagiri’s ‘close aide after being attacked by the goons who just started attacking them in a particular way. Those anonymous faces attacked him and a person who was with him in a meeting. So in the details given below, you can explore the further updates along with some unknown facts.

DMK leader’s close aide attacked in Bengaluru

DMK leader’s close aide attacked in Bengaluru

As per the exclusive reports or sources, the accident was furious enough that they did not get the time to escape. Reat of the others tried to save them due to horrific hubbub they could not do anything and the goons continued attacking One of the witnesses made a call to the police department while conveying everything so that they could come fast and manage the circumstances while attempting to them as they have become the cause of heavy ruckus and disturbance. Because things changed just in a short period hence first the concerned authorities took them to the hospital.

What Happened To DMK Leader Azhagiri

Reportedly, the entire incident was recorded by the CCTV camera which was placed in front of the premises, and based on the footage further actions will be taken by the authorities in a certain manner. As Gurusamy, 77, was calling a cafe on Kammanahalli Main Road with a real estate dealer when a gathering of five men scrambled out of a car and attacked him with bill-hook machetes, grievously wounding him, police said. He was surged to a hospital and is being treated in ICU. As medical team is doing its best to make him heal as soon as possible. But still, he remains critical.

Besides all these, th appropriate actions are taken by the police while finding to find out who’s involvement is standing behind all this, but till now no one knows the reason behind the attack. Amid, a few are mentioning that it could have been a personal attack maybe he was having an enmity with someone so therefore, police are taking all such suspects in their custody so that they can solve th case the way they want because it is necessary to catch them before they do something ahead. So stay tuned with us to know more and do follow Techballad.