Destiny 2 New Story: How Bungie Revamped the Beginning of the Game?

Destiny 2 New Story: It’s exciting that the release of the Shadowkeep expansion will coincide with the launch of a free-to-play version of the original Destiny 2 game.

The updated version of Destiny 2, aptly titled “New Light,” is geared toward enticing new players by providing them with a substantial portion of the Destiny 2 experience in a shorter amount of time.

The exact mechanics of this have been a bit murky until today, when preview footage from New Light was made available online. If you want to see the first 25 minutes of the game in action, check out this video preview by IGN.

Players in New Light will, as has been known for some time, awake in the Russian Cosmodrome after selecting a class and a starting appearance and will then be thrust into the opening mission from the original Destiny.

After defeating the alien forces known as the Fallen, they will be able to board a ship and head for the game’s central hub, the Tower.

Destiny 2 New Story
Destiny 2 New Story

The first few minutes of Destiny 2 were not always like this. Since the game’s release in 2017, all players have witnessed Ghaul’s initial assault on the Tower. After being knocked down to Earth’s surface and having their power severely depleted, the Guardian was forced to fight their way back to the Tower.

Once you reach the Tower, you will be safe from harm in the updated New Light version. Destiny players can get their hands on most of their missions and mingle with other players at that central location. The options open up to you from that point on.

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From this and other preview videos, we can infer that, upon entering the Tower, new players will be given the “New Light” quest chain, which will require them to perform the following actions: You can increase your character’s power level from the new base 750 to 770 by going on a multiplayer Strike, visiting Earth (the first available destination for player-versus-environment missions), completing a few bounties, and so on.

Although, that’s merely suggested. Once you reach the tower, you can enter the PvP Crucible and engage in a few rounds of combat. Additionally, there is the excellent PvE/PvP hybrid game Gambit to try.

A Bungie representative confirmed to Kotaku that New Light players could initiate the Red War campaign as soon as they arrive at the tower by speaking with Amanda Holliday, the shipwright who resides in the hanger. It is unclear how to do this from the video.

Destiny’s initial release and first two expansions have resulted in many questlines, many of which have become free-to-play now that the game has switched to New Light.

The new content in Shadowkeep will undoubtedly garner the most attention in the coming days, but it’s worth noting that New Light is shaping up to be a rapid revision of the game’s foundation.

It seems a great way to ease new players without feeling too restrictive, as Forsaken destinations like the Tangled Shore and the Dreaming City are accessible to New Light players.

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Still, story missions and Forsaken loot are not; each goal unlocks after reaching certain experience thresholds. I hope New Light is as effective as it seems because I could use some more allies even if they aren’t prepared to spend the money on exploring Shadowkeep just yet.

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