Newly Remade Dead Space Reveals Isaac’s Revamped Face in Detail!

Dead Space Reveals Isaac’s Revamped Face: In the latest trailer for the upcoming Dead Space remake, viewers get a better look at the character’s new appearance, which is the result of cosmetic surgery.

The Dead Space remake will likely stick close to the source material, but it will introduce a number of significant improvements. From what we know so far, Isaac Clarke appears to be at the center of many of the major changes coming to the Dead Space remake.

Isaac was initially a mute protagonist in the first Dead Space game. Considering the series as a whole, EA’s decision to give Isaac a voice in the Dead Space sequels makes his lack of personality in the first game seem a little out of place.

With a voice actor behind him, Isaac in Dead Space 2 should be a more engaging protagonist than he was in the first game.

Dead Space Remake
Dead Space Remake

Although Gunner Wright’s return as Isaac Clarke’s voice actor in the Dead Space remake was met with excitement by many fans, others have been less than thrilled by the character’s new appearance.

Although fans of the Dead Space remake have known for some time that Isaac will have a new face in the game, this latest trailer provides their best look at it so far. The release trailer for Dead Space shows that Isaac’s appearance has drastically altered.

When compared to his former appearance, he now has red hair and a much longer, narrower face. There’s no telling why EA Motive decided to give Isaac a new look for the Dead Space remake, but it could have something to do with how unremarkable his initial appearance was.

Whatever the reason, fans’ reactions to the new look have been mixed. A user named RuleTimeSpace on Twitter posted a side-by-side image comparison of Isaac from the first Dead Space and the remake.

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This further emphasizes how different Isaac looks in the 2023 game from his original design, though this change shouldn’t be too significant in the grand scheme of things. In the Dead Space remake, Isaac will wear a suit for the majority of the game except for a few cutscenes.

The Dead Space suit is returning in the remake, so Isaac will spend the majority of the game clad in cumbersome armor.

For this reason, many people who buy the game later this month are likely to overlook the cosmetic changes to Isaac’s face. On January 27th, Dead Space will be available for the PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox One X.

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