De Deur Accident, 2 airlifted and 2 hospitalized

This article is going to discuss the recent De Deur accident. There are five victims of this accident in which one person died the other two have been airlifted and the other two have been hospitalized. They all are battling for their life right now. This was a very horrific accident between a scholar transport mini-bus and a bus. This accident occurred yesterday and since then the news of this case has gone viral everywhere. This news is in the headlines and on Twitter (X) this news has been heavily shared. Read this article to know everything.

De Deur Accident
Photo: Sifiso Jimta

On 18th September 2023, Monday, a collision occurred between a bus and a scholar transport mini-bus. Because of this tragic crash, one person died and four more people are currently battling for their lives. Two victims have been airlifted and the other two have been hospitalized. This case happened at around 6:26 a.m. yesterday. The news of this accident is viral online. This news is heavily shared on Twitter (X) and also on Reddit. There is not any video captured of this accident. The families of the victims are in shock right now and are praying for their family members.

According to the police officers, this crash happened when a taxi carrying five people and the taxi was trying to make a routine turn at that time it struck a bus. Immediately emergency services and local authorities arrived at the location. Many local officers and Midvaal emergency services arrived at the location. At Rose Road, two helicopters arrived and the roots blades sliced the morning air to airlift the critical people and they were taken to the Milpark Hospital. The families of the victims were informed when the victims were taken to the hospital. Continue reading.

Captain Fikle Funda, the Sedibeng Police spokesman said, that the investigation of this case is going on. Police are checking all the CCTV footage near the location. It has been said that a bus was going east to west and it collided with the mini-bus which was traveling west to east at the Rose Road. And at that time the taxi took a turn and it collided. All the passengers were taken to the Kopanong and Milpark Hospital. One person immediately died at the scene. All the passengers were not many adult people as all the passengers were between the 12 to 18 age group.