CM Mamata Banerjee Slams Modi Government Over Soaring Train Fare and Inadequate Passenger Safety

The chief minister of West Bengal Mamata Banerjee never misses or hesitates to slam BJP. Recently, CM Mamata Banerjee slammed the center for rising ticket prices of trains. The CM also targeted the BJP over passenger safety measures in the trains. In fact, the West Bengal CM took to her official Twitter handle to slam the BJP over soaring prices of trains and inadequate passenger safety. On Sunday, November 19, 2023, i.e. yesterday, said that the Indian Railways has substantially increased the train fares even in Suvidha trains. The following sections of this article will tell you what CM Mamata Banerjee further said about increasing fares of Indian Railways and passenger safety in the trains. Continue reading this article. Scroll down the screen.

Mamata Banerjee

Banerjee took to X formerly known as Twitter to write that Indian Railways has increased the ticket prices even in Suvidha trains. While slamming the central government, West Bengal CM alleged that the prices of tickets in specific train categories have even surpassed the charges levied on flight tickets. CM wrote, “Sad to find that railway passenger fares are steeply increasing and even in Suvidha trains, the fares are sometimes higher than air fares!! Where will common people go in case of emergency?” Shift to the next section and read what CM Banerjee further alleged.

She further added in her Twitter post, “Fare hike must be curbed and reduced! And attention must be given to safety and security issues. During my tenure as Railways Minister, I introduced anti-collision devices and other anti-accident measures! Why are they not being used to avert the increasing number of train accidents, while anti- people fare regime continues unchecked?!” CM called for a restraint on soaring train ticket prices. She advocated for a reduction in the fare charges.

Banerjee emphasized the requirement for prioritizing passenger safety and other security measures. She also compared the Indian Railway’s condition during her time as the Railway Minister with today’s condition. West Bengal CM has been concerned over the Indian Railways, especially on the issue of passenger safety since the major train accident that happened at Odisha’s Balasore district in June this year, in which 296 people lost their lives tragically due to inadequate passenger safety measures. Mamta Banerjee also claimed that the anti-collision devices introduced during her tenure as Railway Minister have been not carried forward a little bit since then.