Children’s Day Plans Offers: 8 investment options you can choose for your child

Today is the day of children. Yes because today is 14th November which means today is Children’s Day. So on this day, we have brought some amazing investment information that you should do for the secure future of your children. Investing and saving money is very important for your children is very important and you should look at that if you are a responsible parent. So in this article, we are going to suggest PPF to real estate, a total of 8n investment options that you should choose for your children. So read this article till the end to know about all the 8 options.


As we all know investing in children is not easy at all. It takes a lot of considerable decision to make a decision on which investment options are going to help you in securing the future of your children depending on how much you are looking to secure for your children. On the day of children, you shouldn’t gift growth to your children if you want to become the best parent. the responsibility for a secure future for the children is the responsibility of parents so investing them in a good path is very important. Now to know about all the 8 options to invest in your children.

The first option is the Public Provident Fund which stands for long-term term savings and investment initiative in India. The motive of this scheme is to encourage small savings as it provides an investment avenue with some reasonable returns. The second option is Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana (SSY) is su[supported by the government savings initiative which is specifically tailored for female children. This scheme aims to motivate parents to save for the future well-being of their daughters. This option is Unit Leaked Insurance Plans (ULIPs), its aim to return the contingent on the performance of these chosen funds. It comes with several additional advantages.

The fourth option is Mutual Funds, by investing in mutual funds the parents can witness the growth of their investment over time. The fifth option is national Savings certificates (NSCs). It comes as a favored choice for conservative investors as it offers less risk and assured returns. The sixth option is Fixed Deposits (FDs), it is one of the biggest choices among the public in India as it is very safe but it gives very less returns. The seventh option is Gold Investments, this is also one of the most favorable choices for children because of its reputation. And the last option is Investing in Real Estate. Real Estate stands out as a clear viable long-term, investment for children.