Central Railway Officials Spot Boulders At 5 Different Locations On Pune-Mumbai Upline

In a shocking turn of events, the officials of central railways found boulders on the railway track. Yes, you heard it right, the Central Railway officers spotted boulders in five different locations and averted a major untoward incident. According to the reports, the video of central railway officers at the railway tracks removing boulders, is going viral on social media sparking a debate among the netizens. Meanwhile, people have been left curious to know more about this incident. Sources have suggested that the boulders were found on the Pune-Mumbai Railway lines. It was a matter of Friday, October 6, 2023, when officials spotted large rocks on the track. Unravel more information about this incident in the following sections.

Central Railway

Boulders Found on Pune-Mumbai Railway Track

The officials of the Central Railway said that they spotted boulders at five different locations on the track. The major untoward incident happened on Friday afternoon at around 3:40 p.m. at the Pune-Mumbai upline. CPRO Central Railway Shivaji Manaspure also reacted to this incident. He said, “The incident happened today at around 3:40 PM at the Pune-Mumbai upline. We averted a mishap at five different locations big boulders were noticed…” A major tragedy was averted from happening on Friday when a patrolling team found boulders at 5 different locations.

Reportedly, the boulders were on the track on the Pune-Mumbai upline with the intention of causing mass bodily harm. However, the patrolling team of the Central Railway immediately removed the boulders. Central Railway CPRO also added, “Our patrolling team was already in the section. The team found that at five different locations, boulders were kept on the track. Intention could be some anti-social pending. The team immediately removed them. We are searching the nearby locations…Our police are trying to find out the cause.” Continue reading this article to learn more.

As mentioned, a video of the scene where railway officials found boulders on the track, is going viral on the internet. It was apparently filmed by some railway officials. The viral video shows large rocks placed on the track to de-rail the train. Reportedly, the viral video is 1 minute and 25 seconds long. This news surfaced after four days when the pilot of the Udaipur-Jaipur Vande Bharat Express stopped the train after seeing stones and some fish plates on the railway track. An iron hook was also placed on the track. Thankfully, the North Western Railway averted the accident. Stay tuned to this website.