CBS In E-Bikes Can Stop Up To 40% Shorter: Watch Magura’s Combined Braking System Test

In this article, we are going to discuss Magura’s E-Bike. You read that right, Magura’s Combined Braking System (CBS) is a revolutionary development in the realm of e-bike safety. Brakes play a vital role in ensuring the safety of cyclists, and this significance is magnified for e-bikes, especially those designed to carry heavy loads or transport children. At the illustrious Eurobike 2023 show, Magura, a renowned name in the field of bike brakes, unveiled the innovative Combined Braking System designed explicitly for e-bikes.

Magura's Combined Braking System Test

This ground-breaking system effectively links the brake handle to the disc brakes, creating a synchronized braking mechanism whereby a single pull of the brake handle engages both the front and back brakes in unison. The outcomes of this integration? Enhanced braking efficiency, improved safety, and shorter stopping distances.

According to Magura’s extensive tests, their Combined Braking System has demonstrated the ability to shorten stopping distances by up to a remarkable 40%. This highly favorable result is particularly significant for cargo e-bikes that frequently carry substantial loads. With the CBS in place, riders will experience a newfound sense of confidence and security, not having to worry about utilizing the front brake independently. The system’s unified functionality ensures that any action taken on a brake lever activates the simultaneous operation of both front and rear brakes, simplifying the braking process for riders, regardless of their prior experience with e-bikes.

Magura intends to introduce this innovative braking system to cargo bikes as early as 2024, showcasing its commitment to enhancing safety in the e-bike industry. However, the company’s aspirations do not end there. Magura aims to implement the CBS on various other e-bike models, including city bikes and other types. This ambitious vision is not surprising, considering Magura’s history of trailblazing advancements in the bicycle industry.

The E-bike has consistently been at the forefront of innovation, having introduced hydraulic brakes and integrated ABS into e-bikes in the past. With CBS, Magura once again emerges as a stalwart in promoting electric bike safety for all. Magura’s Combined Braking System represents a significant breakthrough in e-bike safety. The synchronization of the front and rear brakes, achieved by linking the brake handle to the disc brakes, ensures efficient and reliable braking performance. With impressive test results demonstrating shortened stopping distances and increased safety margins, the CBS offers compelling advantages to riders of all skill levels. This is the best innovation for the new generation.