Nigel Hannaford Used Anti-LGBTQ2 Rhetoric At Calgary Prayer Breakfast

On Thursday morning, October 19, 2023, a reactionary speech came under fire after the speaker used anti-LGBTQ2 rhetoric and claimed that there are no horrors of more than a century of Indian Residential Schools. The keynote speaker was identified as Nigel Hannaford whose reactionary speech prompted a return to biblical truths after he used anti-LGBTQ2 rhetoric at the Calgary Leadership Prayer Breakfast. The video of speaker Nigel Hannaford has been going viral on social media since Thursday, October 19, 2023. People have been left curious to know what he said. You are asked to stick with this page and go through it till the end for more details. Swipe down the page.

Calgary Prayer Breakfast

Calgary Prayer Breakfast

To decry an apparent move away from Christian values, Nigel Hannaford took the lectern at the Calgary Prayer Breakfast at the Westin Calgary on Thursday morning, he said, “Christians in Canada, we’ve had it pretty easy for a couple of hundred years. Christian belief and Canadian law lined up quite well most of the time,” Heath Brown welcomed politicians like Preston Manning, Minister of Advanced Education Rajan Sawhney, Minister of Municipal Affairs Ric McIver, MLA Chantelle de Jong, and Jim Stevenson, during the 55th Calgary Leadership Prayer Breakfast.

The crowd also acknowledged MP Stephanie Kusie, Mark Little who is the former Suncor CEO, members of the Calgary Police Service, and the Canadian Armed Forces. Suncor’s CEO reportedly also provided a prayer at the Calgary Leadership Prayer Breakfast. A person from the crowd said, “There were little hints that the event was going to be something more. One person [mentioned these end times that we’re in], which I thought was interesting and a bit apocalyptic. It started getting pretty dire. And by the time the [keynote] speaker got on, well, he just kind of let loose and I think he said some pretty hateful things.”

Nigel Hannaford whos the former speechwriter of Stephen Harper (2009 to 2015) began with the topic “God has given us the answers to the challenges that we have,” Further, Stephen Harper’s former speechwriter and keynote speaker went on to claim that one biblical truth is a gender binary. To note, PM earlier this year said that trans women who are biologically male are women. Trans women who are “biologically male” is a commonly-used anti-trans trope downplaying their identity. He further said teachers are ordered to teach sex-education curriculum that “50 years ago if they would have said it in the classroom, would put them in jail.”