Boss-dol Mart Episode 3 and 4: Release Date, Time & Where To Watch

“Boss-dol Mart” is the latest South Korean comedy series that has captured the attention of viewers. The show revolves around the members of the idol group known as “Thunder Boys,” whose careers take an unexpected turn following a mysterious incident, leading them to disband. In a bold move, they decide to take on the challenge of running a struggling mart.

Boss-dol Mart
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Boss-dol Mart Episode 3 & 4 Preview

“Boss-dol Mart” tells the story of an idol group that faces disbandment following an unexpected incident and decides to take on the daunting task of running a failing mart. As the members of “Thunder Boys” navigate the challenges of operating a struggling store, viewers can expect a delightful and chaotic series of events. The show offers a unique perspective on the transformative journey of five young individuals who had their dreams, careers, and futures abruptly altered, now confronting the realities of everyday life.

However, managing a financially troubled mart proves to be a daunting task for the former idol stars. The series follows their chaotic and humorous journey as they attempt to save the store while adapting to their new reality. For those eagerly anticipating the next episode, “Boss-dol Mart” can be watched on TVING and Viki. It’s worth noting that Viki viewers may need to wait for up to 24 hours after the release date for subtitles to be uploaded. Fans of South Korean entertainment will surely be excited to see how the members of “Thunder Boys” navigate this unexpected venture and whether they can turn the fate of the mart around. Don’t miss out on this entertaining and unpredictable series!

Boss-dol Mart Episode 3 and 4: Release Date, Time

Episodes 3 & 4 of “Boss-dol Mart” are set to premiere on Friday, September 22nd, at approximately 8:30 PM IST on both TVING and Viki. While episodes are expected to be available around 3 PM GMT, it’s important to note that complete subtitles may experience some delay in being added. These upcoming episodes are planned to have a runtime of approximately 1 hour each, consistent with the show’s typical episode length. “Boss-dol Mart” Season 1 is slated to encompass a total of 10 episodes, with two episodes released every Friday. After this release, there will be 6 more exciting episodes to anticipate. The cast of “Boss-dol Mart” features a stellar lineup, including Xiumin, well-known for his involvement with the K-pop boy group EXO. Additionally, Lee Shin Young, recently recognized for his role as Jang Dong Hwa in Dr. Romantic Season 3, and Hyungwon, an active member of MONSTA X, will play prominent roles in this captivating series.

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