Battlefield 2042 New Update: Manifest Changes Unveiled in Full Patch Notes!

Battlefield 2042 New Update: The patch notes for update 3.1 reveal all the changes coming to Manifest as Battlefield 2042 continues to make substantial adjustments to its launch maps. DICE’s goal with this latest map update is to make the cargo port “more streamlined” while also bolstering its visual identity.

The update, scheduled for release on December 12th, will change the distances between flags on Manifest across Battlefield 2042’s primary game modes in order to shorten travel times and strengthen frontlines.

The map’s various landmarks, including the Weather Station and Container Yard, will also receive facelifts. The Weather Station has been partially destroyed by fire, and new ziplines will be installed to improve the station’s accessibility.

Since the Container Yard and Quay have developed into important military strongholds, they will be upgraded with a fresh coat of military paint. Update 3.1 will not only bring new maps to Battlefield 2042, but it will also add fan-favorite weapons like the M416 assault rifle from Battlefield 3 to the game’s primary game modes.

The M240B light machine gun and the M93R sidearm will also be included. There is a long laundry list of nitpicky issues that have been ironed out in 3.1’s plethora of tweaks and fixes.

Animations for deploying weapons, aiming down sights, and sprinting have been noted for improvement by DICE.

DICE claims that by modifying reload animations consistently across the game, “all weapons, across the entire game” will feel more nimble and responsive.

When shooting a target in the body or head, a blood mist effect will appear to indicate that the target has been hit. Additionally, some vehicles, gadgets, and maps will undergo minor adjustments.

DICE has confirmed the upcoming midseason event, and the 3.2 patches will be released in the new year. The class-based system and other gameplay adjustments, including maps like Breakaway, will be made available in that update.

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When the game’s fourth multiplayer season launches in 2020, Battlefield 2042 will get its 14th and final Specialist. The complete update 3.1 patch notes are available down below.

Battlefield 2042 New Update
Battlefield 2042 New Update

Battlefield 2042 Update 3.1 Patch Notes


While streamlining and providing a tighter game space are our primary goals for the redesign of Manifest, we are also taking advantage of the opportunity to do a comprehensive pass throughout the space, giving previously underutilized areas more prominent themes.

We have rebalanced and expanded flag areas across the primary game modes to shorten travel times and forge more solid paths and frontlines on the way to those capture points.

Northern Container Yard: The northern container yard has become an impromptu refueling station for the ongoing conflict due to the increased military presence there. It has been moved slightly closer to the Quay, and the paths leading to and from the flag have been improved.

As fighting rages on, the Quay has received two new sections for military defense encampments, one at each end. In some game modes, these locations serve as Capture Points; in others, they serve as access points to the boats themselves.

South Container Yard: Pathing upgrades and additional military construction can be seen all over this area, which has been relocated to be closer to the action around the docked ships.

One such station is currently a smoking ruin because time has not been a reliable ally for the Weather Station, which has recently been the target of a ground attack. Additional lighting and ziplines have been installed, and the surrounding hillside has also been given a traversal pass.

Vault Weapons

M416 – Battlefield 3

The M416, a fan-favorite from Battlefield 3 makes its way to the Weapon Vault. It’s compact and light AR with a good damage profile capable of taking out targets at mid-range.

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Unlock Assignments:

  • Kills and Assists with the M416 or the PBX-45: 100
  • Kills with Assault Rifles or Teammates Revived: 60


The M240B is a powerful machine gun that becomes a monster when mounted on a bipod, having great bullet velocities that allow you to engage targets at medium to long ranges

Unlock Assignments:

  • Kills and Assists with the M240B or the Avancys: 100
  • Kills with LMGs in a Round: 20


The M93R is a Burst fire sidearm that devastates at close range but with accuracy quickly deteriorating under sustained fire. Get up close and personal with this sidearm to deal its best damage

Unlock Assignments:

  • Kills and Assists with the M93R or the G57: 100
  • Kills in a Round with Secondary Weapons: 8


  • Toggle Optics should now be listed for the NVK-NXT 2X scope in the Rorsch Mk-4 collection menu
  • Fixed an issue that was causing the PKS-07 to clip through the camera when equipped on the A-91
  • Fixed an issue that allowed the primary scope on the Rorsch Mk-4 to float slightly above the weapon on PlayStation 4
  • Fixed an issue where flashlights or lasers would sometimes be visible on secondary weapons and gadgets
  • Fixed an issue where the HUD would sometimes fail to load after switching attachments on weapons
  • Fixed an issue that was causing laser beams to be misplaced at different FOV values
  • Ensured that the sound effects are aligned with the firing of the 12M Auto
  • Subsonic magazine no longer interferes with other magazines ammo capacity on the VCAR
  • Subsonic mesh is visible when swapping from other magazines on the VCAR
  • Fixed an issue that was causing a broken weapon position to be displayed on the M16A3 while prone and using the M26 underbarrel attachment.
  • MP412 Rex now has the intended rate of fire.
  • AKS-74u now has the intended rate of fire.
  • Fixed an issue where the MP9 shooting animation while ADS would break when exiting a vehicle.
  • Added several missing weapon attachments to Portal.
  • VCAR magazines now have the intended color.
  • Fixed orientation of the TV 2x Sight within the icon on the AK24.
  • Minor VFX tweaks to the PF51
  • Improvements made to the Rorsch Mk-4 trail FX
  • An additional layer of Animation polish has been applied to the M16A3
  • Updated textures on the Avancys iron sights while viewing them from view
  • We have updated several elements of our weapons to improve the overall ‘feel’ of them. This includes work across our Reload Animations which should make all weapons, across the entire game, feel a lot more snappier and responsive.
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