Apple’s Satellite SOS Feature Helps Prevent a Major Forest Fire

Apple’s Satellite SOS feature is currently remaining the subject of wide discussion among everyone since it proved to be beneficial in emergencies, especially in the recent tragedy which had been taken place on Canada’s Island due to a massive wildfire that left everyone shocked because the tragedy left the entire Island burned while destroying the trees and the surface of forest which was fertile enough. But the SOS features proved beneficial for Canadians as they used it. So in this blog, we are discussing everything which you need to know along with some unknown facts.

island wildfire used SOS via satellite to contact emergency services

As per the exclusive reports or sources, when Apple introduced the SOS feature in its devices so it remained the talk of the town among everyone because, after a very long, a smartphone brand announced something revolutionary and therefore, initially people used the feature for the emergencies such as police help, and ambulance. But when Canada’s Island caught fire horrifically so the feature proved beneficial a lot as it directly informed the concerned authorities so that, they can reach there to solve the circumstances.

Apple’s Satellite SOS Feature Helps Prevent a Major Forest Fire

Reportedly, Apple’s satellite SOS feature prevents a major wildfire while informing the extinguisher department at the time of giving them the exact location of the fire which, they reached with enough resources to control the situation. Because they have everything that could have been proven beneficial for them at the time of rescue as they stopped the fire while preventing the rest of the forest so that, the surface can remain fertile. Even, the concerned authority thanked Apple as they have introduced such a great feature that prevents the fire.

Besides all these, The new iPhone feature, integrated into both the 14 and 14 Pro norms, enables users to attain out-to-trouble assistance during connectivity unconsciousness. It is mainly utilized in crises such as when a scout gets lost or wounded. Nonetheless, this occasion pointed out another reasonable application for the element, demonstrating its utility in firefighting endeavors. In short, Apple’s this revolutionary step left an impact on everyone and this isn’t the reason, people are heading to purchase the smartphone because of this amazing feature.

In short, the satellite SOS feature left everyone stunned because it is not only helping detect normal problems even this feature can be detected big happenings as well like the wildfire therefore, the concerned authorities are thanking the company to add something like this in their smartphones, especially in iPhone 14  and 14 pros. So stay tuned with us to know more and do follow Techballad.