Long-awaited Release of Apple’s AR/VR Headset May Occur This Spring!

Apple’s AR/VR Headset: Mark Gurman of Bloomberg claims in the latest issue of his Power On newsletter that Apple will finally unveil its augmented reality/virtual reality headset product in the spring, well ahead of WWDC in June.

According to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the device will be released to the public in the late fall of 2023. According to Gurman, a select group of developers has already been given prototype hardware to try out.

However, he cautions that Apple still has many “kinks” in the device’s hardware and software to iron out. Gurman confirms that the device was supposed to be introduced this month (January), but that the schedule slipped.

Apple's Mixed Reality Headset
Apple’s Mixed Reality Headset

After making a global debut in the spring, Apple is likely to provide developers with additional information and tools at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in June. Gurman claims that Apple has “roped in resources” from other departments in order to address all of the open bugs and tasks.

Because of this, we’ve had to put the brakes on a few other projects within the company. Gurman does not think the AirPods or Apple Watch product lines will undergo any significant changes.

The Apple Silicon Mac Pro, updated MacBook Pro specifications, and a possible 15-inch MacBook Air are all on the horizon for the Mac family of computers.

This year should see the introduction of a new, larger HomePod that is visually similar to the 2018 model. Apple’s much-talked-about AR/VR headset has been in development for quite some time.

Mark Gurman of Bloomberg claims that the product will be unveiled in the spring, in time for the company’s annual WWDC conference in June.

Apple is said to have given the headset and its new “pros” software to a select group of prominent developers as an indication that a public release is imminent. Gurman believes Apple will release “Reality Pro” in the fall after announcing it in the spring.

The rest of Apple’s 2023 product line will feel the effects of the last-minute push to ship the headset. There will be “fewer major changes than originally planned” in the next release of Apple’s iOS operating system because of the company’s decision to reallocate software developers to the xrOS project.

This also applies to macOS 14, Gurman notes. The future of Apple’s hardware is even less exciting. iPad, Apple Watch, and Apple’s audio product lines will not receive any “of note” updates from the company in the near future.

New iPad Pro models with OLED displays are in the works, according to Gurman, but they won’t hit the market until 2024 at the earliest. He says Apple’s upcoming Silicon MacPro will be “another disappointment.”

The forthcoming desktop will reportedly look the same as the 2019 model, and due to the design of Apple’s M-series chipsets, you won’t be able to upgrade the computer’s RAM yourself.

There may be some light at the end of the release tunnel in the form of a new 15-inch MacBook Air and an iPhone 15.

For the latter, Gurman claims that Apple’s new Dynamic Island feature and USB-C charging will be standard across the board for all iPhone 15 models. New titanium unibody construction and haptic volume controls will be found on the Pro variants.

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