Apple Watch Series 8 The New Hermes Lucky Horse Face Is Tested Out In Action!

This was something you had to expect. We had to do something when Apple’s Hermes watch collection got the sexiest new face in the world. I waited in line at a UPS customer center to show you the Lucky Horse watch face for yourself to pick up my Apple Watch Series 8 Hermes. In addition to the Series 8 watch, Apple unveiled a new Hermes watch face dubbed “Lucky Horse.” The equestrian heritage of the fashion house inspired the design of the logo.

The watch face is minimalistic, including only an image of a horse’s head and a strategically positioned apple and horse show in the bottom left corner. I did try giving the apple to the horse, but it had no effect. This was such a lost chance. Plus, there are two locations for complications in the top corners of the Lucky Horse watch face. You can consider these to be your default activity rings and weather. The watch face is offered in four distinct hues for personalization purposes (lay person colors in parentheses).

  • Capucine (orange on black)
  • Bleu Hydra (blue on yellow)
  • Fris Pâle (grey on orange)
  • Bleu lin (light blue on dark blue)
Apple Watch Series 8
Apple Watch Series 8

Add some flair to your Apple Watch with the Hermes Lucky Horse face. As it turns out, the horse can walk! Just enough to get by with. Minor changes in the lips, ears, and nose position are about all you may expect to see. I yelled with delight the first time I saw it; I won’t lie. I’m not very interested in horses, but rather because I have a childlike curiosity and amusement threshold. One of my favorite features is tapping the horse to make it blink its eye. When the watch switches to permanently, the horse’s eye also closes. That’s very ingenious!

Something about this face is irresistible; I imagine it is to many of you. It gives the Apple Watch some individuality and a more comprehensive range of color possibilities. As you wager on the horses in the Kentucky Derby or engage in any other leisure activities targeted by Hermes, it could function as a conversation starter.

Most of the time, I’ll be talking about how much money I spent on this watch so a horse could wink at me. Need a band that looks like Hermes made it but won’t break the bank? These questionable options may interest you.