Anabel Sanchez Video Viral: Dance Footage Controversy Explained

This year in the month of May, Anabel Sanchez posted a video on TikTok in reply to Vogue Open Call in a bid to get appointed as a model for the fashion magazine. Seemingly, Anabel Sanchez uploaded the video casually but she did not have any idea that her social media accounts would explode after sharing the video. Since then Argentinians and people from other countries have been relentlessly watching her every TikTok video and following her activities. Now, Anabel Sanchez’s TikTok video has garnered worldwide traction making her a national crush overnight. Therefore, many are eager to know who is Anabel Sanchez. We have some key details about Anabel Sanchez to share with you. Go through the column till the end for more details.

Anabel Sanchez
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Who Is Anabel Sanchez?

Anabel Sanchez is a rising model from Argentina. She is currently 18 years old. She is a native of Buenos Aires, Argentina. She calls herself an independent model. Only a very few people were regularly watching Anabel Sanchez’s TikTok videos before May 2023 when she posted a video in reply to Vogue Open Call. But after posting the video she made quite the splash and skyrocketed her social media career. Now she has more than 293K followers on Instagram as well. People have called her national crush who brought sensation in May 2023. If you have not watched Anabel Sanchez’s viral TikTok video, you must be wondering what is in the video. Continue reading this article for more details.

Anabel Sanchez Viral TikTok Video

The video was posted by Anabel Sanchez on TikTok in May 2023. The simple yet captivating video took the internet by storm and made Anabel Sanchez a national crush. Talking about the video, she exudes confidence and shows her Polaroids in a tight black dress addressing the call in her native Spanish. She recorded her walking style in the video.

Nevertheless, the unwavering support Anabel Sanchez received from the fans on TikTok can not be ignored. Anabel Sanchez said the craziest part of the past few weeks is the amount of love she is receiving, during an interview with Herald. She further added, “They found my Instagram and understood what I wanted to say through my art,” As a result of her video going viral, every journalist and fashion designer expressed their desire to work with her. Sanchez said, “I’m not gonna lie, I didn’t expect any of this. I saw myself in a distant future in front of a camera, but I would eventually come back down to reality, to studying and hard work,”