According To The Spider-Man Files, Sony May Be Investing Heavily In PC Gaming.

Sony appears to be shifting its marketing strategy to position its video game division as a hybrid console-PC corporation with the release of high-profile PC versions of previously exclusive games like God of War and Horizon Zero Dawn. Recently discovered datamined files that refer to a PlayStation PC game launcher may indicate that the corporation is copying Xbox in an effort to enter the computer-based market.

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Dataminers discovered files that mentioned a “PlayStation PC Launcher” in Sony’s most recent port of Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered in the days after the game’s release, according to VGC. Gizmodo was unable to independently authenticate the files, despite the publication’s claims that it had checked and verified them. This, however, comes after hints from a web of files obtrusively left inside Sony’s most recent transfer that suggested the corporation would allow customers to link their PlayStation Network accounts to their PC games.

Whether this means Sony intends to develop its own PC launcher and store page and then make its games exclusive to that platform is still up in the air. We hope the company will take a lesson from others’ mistakes because customers really “enjoy” loading up a game on Steam or the Epic Store just to have that point to another, sluggish launcher. Similar to its rivals, Sony has a lot of distance to make up. With the merging of its PC and Xbox Live accounts, Microsoft is already far ahead of Sony. There is definitely a demand for PlayStation-only PC games, and the business is making its goals obvious with its own PlayStation for PC page.

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According To The Spider-Man Files, Sony May Be Investing Heavily In PC Gaming. (1)
According To The Spider-Man Files, Sony May Be Investing Heavily In PC Gaming.

Both God of War and Horizon Zero Dawn from Sony turned out to be the platform’s top sellers. The company revealed in May that the former sold over 971,000 copies in just two months of its availability. The former has sold slightly fewer than 2.4 million copies in the previous 1.5 years. Sony anticipates that this year’s PC game sales will surpass $300 million. By 2025, the business reportedly wants 50% of its game collection available on PC.

Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered is already a big hit, as seen by the number of continuous players, which peaked on Sunday at about 66,000 people swinging through Manhattan. Nevertheless, there have only been a few Sony-exclusive titles made accessible on PC in comparison to its rivals; there are only six first-party games that can be found on both Steam and the Epic Store. Any new launcher would need to include third-party games as well to be useful, while it’s feasible that Sony might give a PC launcher some depth by incorporating the Xbox Game Pass-like features from Playstation Plus.

It might be a method for the business, which has struggled to meet demand by manufacturing enough PS5s, to genuinely generate awareness for its unique content. Although the company has stated that it aims to significantly increase output this year, switching to PC ports will still greatly increase the accessibility of its titles. According to executives, by entering the PC market, they will have access to a “far wider” sector of players as opposed to their current “extremely small” one. So, no big deal.

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The length of time Sony has resisted granting PC players access to the company’s library is surprising. That may be due to Microsoft’s stronghold in PCs, which makes it its main adversary in the gaming console market. While the expense of creating games has increased, according to Jim Ryan, CEO of Sony Interactive, “our simplicity of making it [exclusive titles] available to non-console owners has grown.”

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