Aaron Rodgers Injury Video: Suffers serious injury during New York Jets debut

An MRI conducted on Tuesday morning has reportedly confirmed the New York Jets’ worst fears: Aaron Rodgers will be out for the remainder of the season due to a torn Achilles tendon. Aaron Rodgers emerged as the Jets’ most prominent acquisition during this year’s off-season, marking a major addition for the team. The four-time NFL MVP and Super Bowl champion made the move to the Jets via a trade in April after an illustrious 18-season career with the Green Bay Packers. Despite being 39 years old, Rodgers still holds his position as one of the league’s top quarterbacks. However, he now finds himself with a Jets team that posted a 7-10 record last season and has not seen playoff action in over a decade. The trade for Rodgers generated a surge of optimism among Jets fans, and the team’s training camp and preseason games this year were even featured on HBO’s “Hard Knocks.” Rodgers acknowledged the increased attention on his team when it was selected for the show, stating, “I understand the appeal with us… There’s a lot of scrutiny on me, and a lot of focus on our team. High expectations for our squad.”

Aaron Rodgers
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Aaron Rodgers Injury Video

The Jets’ medical team acted swiftly in diagnosing Rodgers’s injury as an Achilles problem, and head coach Robert Saleh addressed the media immediately after the game as though the MRI results were a foregone conclusion. A video capturing Rodgers’s injury may provide insight into how the Achilles tear was identified so promptly. Shot from an end zone perspective, the footage reveals the back of Rodgers’s calf visibly rippling as he is tackled by Leonard Floyd of the Buffalo Bills, offering a clear indicator of an Achilles injury. The video of Rodgers’s injury closely resembles a similarly devastating Achilles tear. When NBA star Kevin Durant suffered his Achilles tear during Game 5 of the 2019 NBA Finals, a close-up video showed his calf rippling in the exact same manner as Rodgers’s. Kevin Durant, who is currently playing for the Phoenix Suns after a stint with another New York team, the Brooklyn Nets, expressed his best wishes to the injured quarterback through social media following the injury.

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Rodgers received assistance as he left the field and was subsequently ushered into the blue medical tent before being transported back to the locker room for a more comprehensive evaluation. In his absence, backup quarterback Zach Wilson assumed his position on the field. Preliminary reports suggest that the injury is related to his ankle, and the team has officially ruled Rodgers out of the game. It’s generally not advisable to make remote diagnoses of injuries, but looking back, the angle of Rodgers’s injury should have provided a clear indication right from the beginning of the nature of the injury he was facing.