A New Ps5 Model Just Dropped, But It Won’t Solve The Console’s Biggest Problem

An updated version of Sony’s PS5 that cuts weight recently went on sale in Australia. The PS5 is cumbersome hardware, but the newest updates have lightened the load.

The new disc version of the PS5 weighs about 3.9 kilograms, or about 300 grams less than the updated system from 2021. The PS5 Digital Edition weighs around 3.4 kilograms, 200 grams less than the PS4 Digital Edition.

Sony has reduced the bulk of its monstrous box in just two generations of hardware. In comparison, the PS5 launch model weighs 4.5 kg. The original PlayStation 5 Digital Edition weighed about 3.9 kilograms (kg), making it not much lighter than the standard PS5. Half a kilogram or more has been shaved from the weight of each model.

But why do newer versions of the PS5 weigh less than its predecessors?

A New Ps5 Model
A New Ps5 Model

The 2021 updates shed a little weight from the console thanks to a more compact heatsink. Some people questioned whether the revised version performed worse than the previous one because the console ran a little hotter.

It’s possible the same holds for the newest update. However, other internal parts will also likely be altered to reduce the load on the heatsink.

New Ps5, Same Old Problems?

How long this new PS5 update will take to become available everywhere is currently unknown. Unfortunately, it seems unlikely that this would alleviate the widespread shortage of the console, as it is now only accessible in Australia.

While Sony may be able to produce more units if they switch to cheaper or lighter components, this is not likely to be the case. There are several explanations for this.

The worldwide scarcity of semiconductors is continuing and is expected to last at least until 2023. Because of it and the effects of the Covid-19 outbreak, supply chains are still in disarray, which isn’t helpful.

The one silver lining is that Sony plans to ramp up PS5 production just in time for the holidays. Perhaps the latest update to gaming consoles is part of that strategy.

Even so, that doesn’t imply the PlayStation 5’s supply problems are resolved. Sony’s decision to increase the PS5’s pricing in regions currently experiencing a cost of living crisis is not helpful.

Even if this slimmer update correlates positively with PS5 availability, the console’s higher price has undoubtedly priced it out of reach for a sizable portion of the population.

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