5200 Special Buses For Bathukamma And Dasara Due To Dasara Holidays Begin In Hyderabad

Telangana is a landlocked state situated in India on the south-central stretch of the Indian peninsula, specifically on the high Deccan Plateau. It holds the eleventh position among the largest states and ranks twelfth in terms of population in India, according to the 2011 census. The region officially separated from the northwestern part of Andhra Pradesh on June 2, 2014, leading to the establishment of the new state of Telangana, with Hyderabad designated as its capital.

Special Buses For Bathukamma And Dasara

Special Buses For Bathukamma And Dasara

Throughout antiquity and the Middle Ages, the Telangana region was a part of various Indian empires, including the Mauryans, Satavahanas, Vishnukundinas, Chalukyas, Cholas, Rashtrakutas, Kakatiyas, Delhi Sultanate, Bahmani Sultanate, and Golconda Sultanate. From the 17th to the 19th centuries, the area was under the rule of the Mughals and the Nizam of Hyderabad. In 1823, the Nizam ceded the Northern Circars (Coastal Andhra) and Ceded Districts (Rayalseema) to British India under a subsidiary alliance, transforming it into a landlocked princely state surrounded on all sides by British India. After India gained independence in 1947, the Hyderabad state became part of the Union of India in 1948 following a police action. Later, in 1956, the Hyderabad State was dissolved, and its Telugu-speaking region, Telangana, was merged with the Andhra State to establish the new state of Andhra Pradesh.

In preparation for the upcoming festive season, the Telangana State Road Transportation Corporation (TSRTC) plans to operate approximately 5,265 special buses for individuals heading home during Bathukamma and Dasara from October 13 to October 25. Advanced reservations for 536 services are available, with special buses connecting Hyderabad and Secunderabad to various destinations in Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, and Karnataka.

The decision to introduce special buses is based on the anticipation of heavy traffic on key festival days, specifically October 22 (Saddula Bathukamma), October 23 (Maharnavami), and October 24 (Dasara). Passengers can avail themselves of these special bus services from major stands such as MGBS, JBS, CBS, KPHB Colony, Uppal crossroads, Uppal bus-stand, Dilsukhnagar, LB Nagar, Aramghar, and more. City buses are scheduled to operate every 10 minutes during festival days.

From CBS, buses will be available to destinations including Kadapa, Nellore, Anantapur, Chittoor, Kurnool, and Ongole in Andhra Pradesh. Uppal crossroads will offer bus services to Picket, Warangal, Narsampeta, Mahabubabad, Thorruru, Janagama, Parkala, Hanmakonda, and Yadagirigutta. Passengers at JBS can find buses to Nizamabad, Karimnagar, Medak, and Adilabad, while LB Nagar will connect to Guntur, Visakhapatnam, and Vijayawada. During last year’s festival season, TSRTC operated around 4,280 special bus services. For advance reservations and additional information, passengers can visit the official TSRTC website at tsrtconline.in or contact the customer care department at 040-69440000, 040-23450033.